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2018- What a year!
If you are reading this, brother and sister, fest help me shout 7 halleluyah! Please shout it o, it is very important *holds ears*
Now that you have done that, you can read to understand why (should there even be a reason sef? But issokay sha).

This year was a good year for me. It really was. For someone that is terrible at planning ahead, I really did enjoy God’s favour looking back at how my year played out. I am not entirely sure how to structure this so it may be here and there but I hope you get the gist.

The year started with me being on panels and speaking at the Social Media Week. It was at this point I realized how much I enjoyed sharing knowledge not just as a trainer but via public speaking. This is a side of me that I just discovered and that really blossomed this year. I imagine how much more of this I could have done if I was intentional and deliberate about growing this side of me.

So I got to also travel more this year. There is something about how travel opens up your mind and sorta changes your perspective to life. It is amazing. Which brings me to a number of firsts I recorded this year: my first car, my first panel session as a speaker and an award judge, my first solo trip and a couple of others.

One major part of the year was cutting my hair. See ehn, it sounds straight forward but it really wasn’t at the time. I had been on low cut from birth till after uni and during this time I never really saw anything beautiful about myself. Low cut was not my choice by the way, I was mandated. So I was very eager to grow my hair which I did immediately after Uni. My self-esteem was as low as my haircut back then. But sometime last year I decided I’d go back to lowcut because I have a very tender scalp but that low self-esteem demon came again and taunted me. Then I hinged it on clocking 30. Guys, I did it and I feel so beautiful! Too beautiful and confident! Kai, I am not even sure how to explain it. Eez a within sturvs, deep down inside confidence tinz.

Asides that major part, 2 things made this year the very best for me. First, I co-ordinate the youth church (well not really youth, late teens and very young adults). I am absolutely overjoyed at how much they have grown physically and spiritually this year. Virtually all those seeking admission got into school! For real! My joy knows no bounds! Secondly I got a new job! A dream job! Let me not bore you with the details but mehn, this entire story was a MIRACLE.

Intermission: Infact, help me should another halleluyah jare! God bless you.

Now as I was thinking about writing this, the Holy Spirit reminded me of how I would not have gotten this job if I was married. No, there was no segregation but the requirement of the job was only ideal for a single person. You see, this year was that year I was so sure I would get married and it is not until now I am just realizing I couldn’t have landed this job if I was! God is a master planner yo! You kent tell me nufin!

Anywho, as you know, every year typically has its ups and downs. My low points (really low) were the 4 people around me that died this year. Let me just leave this part where it is. In all things, we give thanks. I have learnt, now more than ever, to reach out more.

Finally I am grateful to God for the great friends He surrounded me with, they are the absolute best and I am grateful for the growth in their lives as well. Of course, my family + new sister, constant Ks in my life, all of them! Muahhhh!

I am FOREVER grateful to God for this year even though I constantly feel like I have failed Him with regards to our relationship. This will be my major focus in 2019 amongst other things.

If you got to this point, you are amazing! Have an amazing 2019!


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