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Bolouere (@Boluxxxx) wants to talk about why people cheat. I’m interested in this conversation. So let’s kick it off


This is an age-long question I like to categorise with other near unanswerable questions like “when will Jesus come?” “What do women want? Etc. Anyways, I sincerely don’t think there is an absolute answer for this particular question. I”ll just play around with illustrations and let’s see if we can come close to something . I’ve got 3
1. My former neighbours  Papa and Mama Tari had been married for 10 years then relocated to the US. One day, while shopping, mama Tari got a vibrator. Unknown to papa Tari, mama Tari had never had a real orgasm with him and had faked it throughout their marriage. As time went on , mama Tari got into her new toy and became really addicted. How we heard the matter was that papa Tari (whom I still hear mama Tari couldn’t tell he had poor bed skills) wanted a divorce. His point was, she had become addicted to her toy, used it all the time and till she forgot to do duties round the house as regards the kids and himself (sex included). Bottomline was that she was cheating(with a vibrator).
2. Mr Gbadamosi who was a very wealthy stark illiterate got married. He and his wife didn’t have any kids after 4 years and after bowing to pressure, he got a new wife and eventually another who both bore him 6 kids. One day Mr Gbadamosi(who loved his first wife very dearly still) decided to follow her for a fertility test and decided to take the test too to humour himself. The results were sent to madam since oga was illiterate. It turned out that oga was impotent. Madam quietly hid the results. One year later they threw a lavish party to welcome madam’s first child, God’s miracle to her after many years of waiting etc. She sha cheated. We know why.
3.  This happened while I was in the university. I had this friend who was just mean to his girlfriend. He beat her up occasionally too. I knew for a fact he loved her like real hard so I couldn’t get why he was so harsh. One day I summoned courage and asked him why. Here was the reason. They met in 200level, practically lived together in school, were inseparable and well known as a couple. She actually lived in Abuja and we were in UniBen but she had to be at home every weekend. Ordinarily she would have done road trips but he didn’t want his baby stressed so he paid her air fares almost every weekend for close to 2years. That’s about 60k almost every weekend. Anyhow, somehow he found out after a certain matter and nosy friends input (long story) that she was actually not going home all those weekends. She had a FIANCE in Abuja. So he was side boyfriend sef. This was cheating. Why?
In two out of these three cool tales, the women actually had reasons for cheating. The third girl didn’t have any reason to. For a long while, my take on cheating was that people only did when they weren’t contented or fulfilled in their relationship but as I observed further, I noticed some other people who had terrible relationships stayed faithful simply because they chose to or due to morals, ethics, whatever. Some others that seem to get all the good stuff a person could wish for in relationships still cheat. I know there’s a whole lot of answers and opinions but no absolutes especially because no two kinds of people or  relationships are alike.  All the same, let’s hear your take.

Why do you think people cheat? If you ever cheated on your significant other, what would be your possible story/reason?

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