They were in love; the universe had drawn them together like magnet to steel. Kate was happy with fate for this true match. All her life, she had never known what Love really was; her mind had never been able to grasp its possibilities until she met Danny.

That night, their first night together, the pleasure she felt when his lips met hers was supernatural. The feel of his skin against hers made her heart melt like ice on water.  He felt so good between her legs;she was convinced it was love. Best of all, she did not have her strange longings when he made love to her.

Her dopamine brainstorm was utterly satisfactory when they both reached great height and came back to earth, and she did not doubt his words when he collapsed on her and said

“I love you”.

The next morning, the smell of waffles and Bacon teased her nose so greatly, she had opened her eyes and  Danny’s handsome face was the first thing she saw. He was sitting at the edge of the bed, a Food tray on his thigh.

“Breakfast in bed”, she said with a sleepy smile.

“You are so beautiful when you sleep.” he replied then kissed her.  Kate stretched out her hands like the wings of a bird then sat up. She picked a piece of waffle, took a bite.

“HMMMM… this is so good” she muttered in satisfaction. Danny gave her a hearty smile.

“Anything for you” he said as he caressed her glabrous cheek. She felt the jolt in her bones as his fingers made contact with her flesh and in that moment, Kate made a decision.

His fate would be different. He is a keeper.

“I’m gonna run us a bath,” he said standing and walking towards the bathroom. Kate smiled, how lucky could she get?

How beautiful would he look lifeless?

“Stop.” Kate spoke firmly; silencing the irrational thoughts floating through her mind like oil upon water.

“Did you say something?” Danny peeked out of the bathroom.

“No, Honey” she replied harmlessly. He walked back into the bathroom. Her smiling face knowingly turned stolid, and then switched right back to a smile.

* * *

Kate walked into the kitchen dangling a frightened, meowing cat.  It was only noon but if she was going to surprise Danny with a special dinner, sooner was better than later.

“Will you shut the fuck up, you fur filled bag of shit?” She screamed at the purring cat but the terrified cat couldn’t stop whining.

A wind of anger whirled up Kate’s spine; she slammed the cat forcefully on the kitchen counter

“I said shut up” she screamed. The cat got quiet. “So that’s what you needed? A little slamming? A little slamming? Answer me?”

The cat lay weakly on the counter, barely aware of its misery.

“aww you are weak? Poor little kittykitty” she taunted.

Then she grabbed a Granton Edge knife from the knife holder and in one swift move, she turned the cat to its back, dug the knife deep into its trachea and drew a straight line down to its urethra. Its blood splattered all over her face to the kitchen floor. She grinned in fulfilment, and then chuckled and in seconds, she threw a throaty laugh into the air.  Her laughter ended abruptly.

“You will make great dinner for Danny.” she said to the lifeless cat.


Kate and Danny sat opposite each other.  The kitchen was immaculate; no one would imagine a blood splatter had occurred earlier.

Danny chewed on his meat, oblivious to the acts that brought about his sumptuous meal.

“Tastes good?” Kate asked.

“Not as good as you.” Danny replied with a dark smile. He leaned in to kiss her. “you are the best thing that ever happened to me.” Kate smiled at his affectionate words. That wasn’t the first time a man had said those words to her, but Danny was telling the truth. He wasn’t like the others;there was sincerity in his eyes when he spoke.

“I’m glad we are together” she responded with a smile.

“So am I, Lucy.”

Lucy? Who was Lucy?

I’m Kate.” She corrected him with a gentle smile.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” he gave a dead chuckle. “Lucy is my sister, her name is stuck in my head.” he told her apologetically. The sincerity in his eyes was lost to Kate when he spoke this time.

You call your girlfriend your sister’s name? You fuck your sister?

“It’s okay babe.  I would do the same, if I had a brother.” Kate replied. She stood, went to his side of the table then kissed his lips.

“You are not mad?” he asked amusingly

“Do I look mad?” she asked kissing him again. She moved the table a few inches back then found her place on his thighs. Danny kissed her back, she moaned.

He stood from the chair, lifting her with his strong arms and carried  her to the bedroom.  His need for her was growing and now she wanted him as much as he wanted her if not more. Her need for him soared higher than the empire state building.

Once they got into the bedroom, Danny tore her knee length dress off her skin. He kissed the nape of her neck then he laid her gently on the bed; taking every piece of clothing off himself.

She gasped in pleasure the moment she felt him inside her. As he pumped into her, she was reassured of his love one more time.

The Lucy name was a mistake. It was—

“Oh Lucy!” Danny screamed again as he stroked into, her. He was too lost in the throes of passion to realize his mistake.

Holy anger and the inexpressible urge to feel blood on her naked stomach while making love washed over Kate.

She slid her hands off his back and reached under the pillow. She pulled out a chef’s paring knife and with exquisite poise, she plunged it into the nape of his neck; feeling the warmth of his blood flow through her fingers. His face twisted in horror and disbelief as he writhed in pain. His manhood had gone limp and he fought to move away from her but for Kate, it was only the beginning of hot passion.

“What kind of man can’t hold his own after a petty stab?” She asked with a crude smile. He tried to get off her again, but the moment he laid on his back, she was on top of him like a jackal on its game.

“There’s no getting away from my love.” she said as She pulled the knife out from his neck. He screamed in pain, and she wedged the knife into his belly; with acute force this time.  Then she leaned over to give his quivering lips a wet kiss.

She separated her lips from his then moved herself down his naked body.  She spread her tongue on his bloody stomach and the metallic taste of his blood on her tongue spread warmth to her veins.

“You taste so good.” she told him with a bloodied smile. He stared at her weakly; she could now see the light gradually fading from his eyes.

What’s my name?” she asked as she twisted the knife. He winced in pain, blood now spewing from his mouth.

“Come on Danny, what’s my name?”

“Kate”, he whispered right before his last breath.




Seyi is female. An intense writer and passionate dancer. I am the chief adviser of the insane world because I don't know how to mind my business.


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