Hello Again!

Long time no see? Whatever it is we do, I missed you. Where did you go? Did you leave or did I? Maybe it was both, or neither. It doesn’t matter.

My question for today is, “how do you live a healthy life in Nigeria?” Eat well? Sleep well? Take vitamins & supplements? Well I think it’s minding your business.

So forgive me for not living a healthy life by intruding in your business once again. But I have heard and seen certain things that disturb my soul and I cannot keep quiet any longer. I walked past a television set that was tuned to a religious program. The anointed prophet was performing the sacrament of exorcism on a man. The said demon had been tormenting him for 12 years (12 years a slave). After asking my mom if it was okay to turn off the generator set, I headed for the television. Just before the tv went off, the man confessed “A voice kept commanding me to do evil things I never wanted to do”.

I turned off the tv set and the generator and went to bed. As I lay on my bed, I remembered a time I was in a friend’s wedding reception. The lady sitting next to me, a total stranger, had earlier revealed she had a huge sum of money in her purse when she brought out her cellphone to answer a call. She suddenly stood up and went outside, leaving her purse behind under no one’s care or protection. Like the man in the testimony on prophetic TV, a voice spoke to me, “just take her purse and go home like that”. I went home but not with her purse or the money in it.

So I stood up from my bed and decided to write this (at 10 pm). The voices in our heads often represented in cartoons as little angels or devils that sit on our shoulders. Some identify with these cartoons and the voices and urges the counselling beings represent.

The voice that tells you to shoot your victim after he has given you all his money. ( Daddy T.A. may your soul rest in perfect peace Amen!).

The voice that tells you Western Education is a sin or forbidden.

The voice that tells you to hypnotise little children, using them as suicide bombers.

The voice that tells you that innocent 6-year-old school child is what you want to use for money rituals.

Many have been disfigured, some dead, because of you “black marketers’’, listening to the voice that tells you more profit can be gained by mixing a little fuel and kerosene. (Ada, wherever you are, we still love and miss you dearly. You are not forgotten).

3 more minutes and lives would have been saved – the voice that tells you to attend to dying patients whenever you like. (Ose, you are forever in our hearts).

The voice that tells you that gatemen, houseboys and housegirls are to be treated like slaves. (No, they are your employees).

The voice that tells you, Mr. Lecturer, that students must first pay money before getting good grades in your course. (does hard work still pay? IN THIS NIGERIA?!)

The voice that tells you that pastor, it’s okay to lure 13 year olds into your inner chambers. (“Not every one that says lord! Lord! shall enter into my kingdom”).

The voice that tells you  it’s perfectly innocent and okay to wear that “hour-glass short native dress” to your pastor’s house.

The voice that tells you it’s okay to have six children with your 25K salary and your husband has no job. (YES! Children are the leaders of tomorrow, but they need good feeding and education. Please, the economy is already in recession).

The voice that tells you your neighbor’s 12 year old daughter is matured enough for you to…….

I must stop here for I am now inclined to cry. The world’s moral compass is broken. How do we find the path back home? Life is tough for everyone, where do you get your strength to carry on? May the Lord be above us to bless us, behind us to protect us from the evil ones and in front of us as our moral compass.



Keeping quiet and minding my own business

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