I was born old. Literally.

I have had wrinkles on my forehead ever since I could see my reflection in the mirror. I walked in the straight path and rarely strayed from my parents’ teachings. The only constant all my growing up was responsibilities. I was the deputy parent to my siblings and the only thing I wasn’t responsible for was their finances.

Then came 2010. I left the comfort and vicinity of my parents and siblings for my master’s degree and I discovered that being responsible wasn’t a function of whether I stayed in their area or not, it had been stamped in my DNA. Every decision was based on logic and practicality. And I expect that people close to me should be logical, reasonable and responsible, hence my frustrations with many people this year. I felt like I was in a rut and I asked the lover at some point if this was how life would continually be: bills, work, responsibilities. There has to be more to life.

I struggled with family relations a lot this year. I discovered that I get frustrated in parenting because I expect my children (4 years and 2 years respectively) to think and behave like adults. I am working on this, but it is a struggle. I also struggled with communicating with my lover this year. I wanted him to be my mind reader and I expected him to know things without me having to explain my stand. Because in my head, he should be me. Thankful for his patience.

I still have a phobia for calls. I will change, I promise.

My car was changed in time for my birthday. And barely a month later, a water tanker hit the car by the driver’s side. The repair bill came to over a 100 thousand naira and there was no free money then. Grateful for comprehensive motor Insurance, the car came back as new. And a lot of people are still surprised the insurance company paid. Don’t listen to rumors about comprehensive insurance o, enter the insurance company (patronize reputable insurance houses please) and ask them questions yourself. You would be shocked at the many benefits of having an insurance cover.

I did my best at work this year. And I still don’t play office politics. I did my job, put my best foot forward and minded my business. And that has been enough.

Sales and marketing were something I have thought I couldn’t do. Guess who started many WhatsApp chats with “My name is Tolulope and I sell Adire”? Me! My dad asked me at a point if marrying an Ijebu man was the reason for the change, I just laughed. Seriously, I don’t know what changed. I just know that MMBM – money must be made. I had an international order this year and it was such a great feeling.
In business, I learnt to always put my best foot forward. It has taken me through doors and to people I will never have met. I have learnt that no expense is too small to track and having an excel sheet for business has made my life easier. I have learnt to speak up and do things that make me happy.

Recession hit hard and salary did not increase, still, I met my savings target.
The last time I attended a Bible Study teacher’s class was before I got married in 2013. Started attending again this year. And I have started leading classes again. This has made me happier than I could ever imagine.

In all, I am grateful to God for everything. It will get better. Amen

No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us. Romans 8. 37

Halleluyah for a fruitful 2018.


I really enjoyed reading this quiet story. Yes to insurance: life, health, comprehensive car. Much love to you and your family. All the best!


I am me, different from everyone you will ever meet.


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