The Year of 23

December 31 2016

My face was so swollen from a reaction to heaven knows what, I spent the whole day in different hospitals trying to figure the cause of the swelling and I still had the terrible acne from October which was defying all treatment. The swelling reduced in time for church thankfully but my birthday was ruined.

January 2017

As always, the year started with Recall 27 (I miss you all so much). I was still at my job. I was very unhappy, each day seemed worse than the previous with never-ending work drama. I was given an impossible target to meet and I had no idea how to meet the target, I was really bad at networking. One day, a client called me to discuss her husband, he had some money to invest, and this client’s investment surpassed my target for the year.

March 2017

I got accepted to school for my master’s program. Was I going to move to Belgium? Everybody I knew was either in US, Australia, Canada or the UK. I decided to take the leap and just do it. I was afraid and mysteriously at peace with the decision.

July 2017

I said goodbye to a job that had given me great knowledge, exposure, bad experiences and good friends. The day I submitted my resignation especially with the drama it caused was one of the happiest days of my life. It was a bitter-sweet experience with that job and I learnt from the job more about myself than I could have ever learnt elsewhere. I did not get my fair due at that place but I am grateful for the experience and I can now perfectly describe my dream job.

August 2017

It was time to go to school, my mum could not accompany me as we had planned because Visa. I was moving to the great unknown all by myself. I was happy, scared and then terrified, the airplane did not leave Nigeria in time. I was still in the air enroute Casablanca when the connecting flight to Brussels began boarding. However, I flew First class from Casablanca to Brussels on my economy ticket because God. I arrived in Brussels and God raised helpers for me all the way from the train station to the Hostel. From Lee, the guy on the train who helped drag my boxes through the streets of Antwerp while trying to locate my hostel to Kyra, who is my friend and a fellow God-lover.

September 2017

My mum made it to Antwerp. In typical Naija mum style she brought me all the Nigerian foodstuff she could carry. She made my room feel homier than I could have ever done and took great care of me for 7 wonderful days.


October 2017

I started talking to someone. She is helping me deal with my imposter’s syndrome and my low self-confidence issues. I am learning that it is okay to ask for and accept help when you feel like you are drowning, that I don’t always have all the answers, that I can just be me. My coach is one of the best people I met this year. My classmates are also amazing, they are always available for a good time and they make learning a very interesting experience. School was also going great.

December 2017

Some incident tried to steal away the mental progress and I almost let it win. I had plans to travel to some other countries in Europe for the holidays especially as I haven’t travel as much as I had planned.  However girl proposes, bank account disposes. I am struggling to accept that I am once again a broke student and some life pleasures need to be postponed because I can’t handle struggle. I am ‘broker’ than I anticipated but I am not just surviving, I am flourishing and genuinely happy.

Overall, I am grateful for friends and family, new and old. People that called me even when I did not keep in touch, you all hold me down with the never-ending texts and calls. I made more new friends this year than the past 4 years combined.

2017 was good, 2018 would be better

Year of 24, let’s begin.

Happy birthday to me!

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