The Words Between

He traced the edge of her lips with his left thumb. She quivered like a wave of cold passed through her. Michael smiled knowingly. He usually had this effect on women. He enjoyed watching them fall under his spell like a child would for sweets. He put his lips to the base of her throat and let his tongue out to tease her. Subtle laughter embedded in a moan escaped her lips.

“Michael” she said.

“Yes? Tinuade” he said, between breaths. “You want something?”

“Errm, I, I don’t think this is a good idea.”

He cradled her face in his palms so his face hovered right over hers.
“How long has it been?” he asked, looking into her eyes, daring her to resist him. She knew what he was asking. Flushed with embarrassment, she darted her eyes to the ceiling and back before she said, two, maybe three years. She refused to meet his gaze.

“That long ehn?” he put his lips on her lips this time. “Too long for a beauty like you to be without…” he kissed her again “… some loving.”
Tears sneaked out of the side of her eyes so that Michael did not notice. She let him kiss her while he gently set her down on the couch in her sitting room. She turned her head to stare at a picture of herself perched on the wall across from her. In it, she wore a grin over a garb, testimonial in hand. She looked like a proud graduate but what she saw was a younger self with remarkable beauty. She would never be as beautiful again. She thought. He proceeded to travel his lips to her right ear, nibbling on where he figured was her erogenous spot. It brought her back to the moment. She arched her head to allow his lips access her shoulders. She closed her eyes to take in this experience but tears escaped her eyes to rest on her once chubby cheeks. Michael moved his hands to reach for her breasts but she caught his hand.

“What is it Tinu? You don’t want this? He asked.

“I do.”

“Then let me rip this off” he half asked, moving his hands to her blouse. He tugged on her blouse with so much strength some of the buttons were about on the floor. On his way to bury his heads between her breasts, he froze. Tinu surrendered herself to what was to come next.

“Tinu!” he called out, with a gruff in his voice. “What happened?”

She sat up. Her tears refused to be held back any longer. “I had a mastectomy.” She drew back mucus that threatened to drop from her nostril.

“What?” his eyes popped as her revelation slowly made sense.

“Yes. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a while back.”

Roli Afinotan

Writer, poet, spoken word artist, narrator for Stories dot Ng, food bender, future deputy governor of Lagos state.

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