The Apprentice Surgeon

Someday, I’m going to be a doctor.

A surgeon to be exact. I am going take apart body parts then put them back together,enjoying every minute of it.

At the moment, I’m sitting at the dining table watching my dad’s Adam apple bob up and down like a yoyo as he chews his steak tenderly before swallowing it.


That’s the sound my mum makes when she sucks air into her teeth. Mum does that whenever she eats meat and it drives me crazy, it makes me feel like ants have made their home on my skin. I try to shut everything else out and concentrate on dad’s Adam apple. I imagine how the food goes down his esophagus and works its way into his stomach, and then to the small intestine.

The digestive system leaves me in awe and although I have read how it works a million times on the internet, I am never satisfied. Hearing it in biology class, watching animated videos and reading about it in books; that’s all crap. I desperately long to see how it works with my naked eyes.


Mum does it again. This time, I turn to her in anger. Her wrinkled face hatches into a smile.

You witch.

She knows how much that sound irritates me, still she does it. I let my imagination take over. In it, I throw her a big punch which knocks off one or two of her teeth. I turn back to dad. Staring intently again at his Adam’s apple.

Why do you keep staring at dad’s throat?” Sam, my younger brother asks.

Don’t distract me.” I snap. Loud enough that everyone at the table jerks like the lid of a boiling pot. Dad puts his hand over his neck in an attempt to cover up his Adam’s apple, and I feel anger boiling up my spine.

“I told you to stop doing that, it is creepy ” dad says

He does the same thing at the school cafeteria. No one ever wants to share a table with him.” Sam says. Then he looks at me and calls me “creepy Mike.”

You call me creepy? Someday, I’ll be a surgeon with lots of human parts to spare and I wouldn’t give you any.” I tell Sam as I rise from the dinning. Bending my form towards him, I whisper in his ears “Even if your life depended on it.

Stchuuuup mum does it again.

Stop that” I scream at her

Get me my drugs please” she replies me. Like a snail, I slug myself to my parent’s bathroom, I stand opposite the open drug cabinet, Sumatriptan; Naproxen Sodium; Dexamethasone; melatonin. I pick the Naproxen Sodium and like a seed, an idea takes root in my mind. I pour the contents of the Naproxen Sodium in my pajama pocket, and replace it with melatonin tablets.


Its midnight and everyone is asleep except me. Quietly, I leave my room and go down to the garage. I grab a plier from the garage and sneak into my parents’ bedroom. Mum is fast asleep and she cannot taunt me with her teeth suck. Dad lays beside her snoring like an overweight dog.

From now hence forth, you will no longer taunt me by sucking air into your teeth” I whisper into mum’s ears. Then I open her mouth, and like the perfect dentist, I pull out an incisor tooth with the plier. She jolts up with a scream as blood gushes from her mouth. Her cry kicks dad out of his sleep and I immediately toss the plier under their bed.
Dad sees the blood and screams “Oh my God!”

Blood, thick as honey and red as rubies. He grabs his phone by the night stand and dials 911 while mum cries and whimpers like a hungry baby. I watch tears fall from her eyes and I find myself wondering how the tear duct works. The chaos brings Sam from his sleep to my parents’ bedroom. He runs to the bathroom and gets a cloth, an attempt to control the bleeding. I stand and watch them all, mesmerized by the bedlam created by such a little act. The ambulance takes mum to the hospital, dad goes with her. Sam and I are all alone in the house. Sam sits on dad’s chair at the dining table and I take my position. I stare at him, wishing he was dad eating a steak.

What you staring at psycho?” Sam breaks the silence.

You don’t have an Adam’s apple” I tell him as I notice.

He shakes his head like a flame “you freak… can’t believe you pulled out mum’s tooth

Can I give you 100 dollars?” I ask him.

For what… to keep my mouth shut at school? Don’t even dream it. Everyone is gonna know what –“

“For you to eat a steak”

He stares at me for a moment like I just asked him to jump off a cliff.

No!” he says finally.

200 dollars?

Before he says another word, I go to my room, take some money from my book shelf and rejoin Sam at the dining table. I hit the table with 200 dollars like a gambler would.

I tie you up to the chair, feed you some steak and watch you chew. In five minutes it’s all over” I say, trying to persuade him.

No! I’m not your guinea pig

300 dollars?” I add a hundred dollar bill to the money. He looks at the money then looks away without a word. We sit and live in silence for ten minutes then he turns to me and says,
Just five minutes

I nod in excitement and agreement. I run to my room like an excited puppy and grab a rope.

Back at the dining table, I tie him to dad’s chair, warm up some left over steak. And I begin to feed him. He chews, I smile. He swallows; sheer delight splits my face from ear to ear. But something is missing. I walk up to him and unbutton his shirt.

What the hell are you doing Mike?”

Getting value for my money” I tell him

Okay… playtime is over, untie me.”

No! You have to finish the steak”

I don’t have to do anything. Untie me.”

One last bite.” I plead, he agrees. I feed him one more time and he chews.

I start to wonder what the steak will look like once he is done chewing it. Desperation fires up my veins; I have to see what it looks like in his stomach! I have to see! I have to before it turns to feces. The urgency leaves me no choice. I grab a kitchen knife as he chews. He notices and stops chewing.

What are you going to do with the knife Mike?” he asks. I can see fear dancing in his face, it fuels my urgency.

Nothing Sam… just watching. Please chew!”
He refuses and begins to struggle with chair, like prey fighting its captive. I move closer to him.

Get away from me you freak.” He screams

I’m not gonna hurt you Sam. You are my brother. I only want to see. I need to watch it move to the small intestine .The eye must travel.”

No! “He yells

But as a good surgeon, I ignore his screams. I use the knife to draw a vertical line on his belly, his screams increasing as my knife goes deeper.

Blood begins to gush, the blood drowns his voice. I keep cutting and searching, till I find the eaten steak sleeping peacefully in his stomach.




Seyi is female. An intense writer and passionate dancer. I am the chief adviser of the insane world because I don't know how to mind my business.


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