The Pill Choice

Today’s post is going to be a brainteaser. You probably all have seen this on social media somewhere and I apologize if it’s not very clear.

Which would you choose?
The Pill Choices

The challenge is to write a short story set in the future about the life of someone who was given one of these pills (could be against his/her will or willingly). I wanted a select group of people to write on this before but they all got jobs and ran off on me. I am not sure when the competition posts will start going up but it will definitely be after this challenge of mine ends. Entries can start rolling in anyways.

So do you think you can handle this? The post can be as long as you like and readers will vote for their favorite interpretation of each pill. I haven’t decided on prize money yet but, like a Lannister, I pay my debts. (Uhn! That felt good!)

Start writing. In the mean time you can tell us in the comments which of the pills you’d prefer. 😀

See y’all tomorrow.

Truth lasts;
lies are here today, gone tomorrow.
(Prov. 12 vs 19, The Message)


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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