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I had always heard that the Canadian side of Niagara had a better view. So when I moved to Canada, of course I had to check it out.

It is July 2015. My friend and coworker, L drives two hours from upstate NY, I take the bus from Toronto and we make a beautiful weekend trip out of it.

I get in first and check in. Our hotel is not budget – but it is clear once we arrive that we paid too much for it. Oh well, at least there is free breakfast.

My friend gets in at noon. We hug and celebrate our courage. You may laugh at my use of the word ‘courage’…after all it was a mere 2-3 hours trip for us both but try going to a new place by yourself some time.


We take a walk after we freshen up to familiarize ourselves with our surroundings. We have a list of sights we have agreed to we want to see. The Falls is of course top of the list. Our hotel isn’t far away so we walk down to the Falls.

The view from Canada is simply breathtaking. But it gets even better.

Every evening that summer, Coca-Cola brings in bands from all over the country and they spend a good two hours delighting us tourists with sounds from all over Canada. Our band that evening is from Montreal and I am beyond excited since I was just there. We bob our heads to the music at first and then we kick off our shoes and dance.


There is many things I love about Canada, its view of Niagara is one. The other is the warmth of its people. We danced and people clapped and called out encouragement. When we were done expending our energy, people we had never met told us how beautiful we were. The view from Canada is not only beautiful, it is tolerant, warm and color blind. My friend who is American is surprised. I am not. After 6 months, I am used to it you see.

We spend the next day doing stuff tourists do. We avoid the casinos like a plague even though it is tough since they are everywhere. We eat a lot too. The Indian Buffet we choose for lunch has rice pudding and I am the happiest girl in all of Ontario.

We drive to Niagara-on-the-Lake which leaves us with our mouths wide open. If for nothing else, this is why I would recommend the Canadian side of the falls. It is wine country and we pass vineyards as well as corn farms. We park downtown and walk around. At Cows’, an ice cream shop, we stand in line and the couple behind us ask where we are from. When I tell them Nigeria, the man tells me about when he visited Lagos. We spend too much time at the shop reminiscing about Lagos.

There are plenty spots here for Instagram worthy photos and I and my friend do not fall hand.

My bus leaves at 5 and too soon I have to head to the station. I hug my friend goodbye and just before we take our leave of each other, she agrees that the grass is greener my side of things


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  • Obinna says:

    I enjoyed reading about your experience. Although, I felt a tad bit envious. ha-ha! travel stories do that to me. Beautiful scenery!

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