The Orange Blossom

This awesome poem has found its way to the Poet’s Corner from Dare’s pen (@TheDharkOne). Deep and beautiful. Enjoy it

The first time I saw her, I was but a year old
On a tall piece of white bone she stood
Shivering and shaking in the wind
Her tresses flickering from blue to red
Mother warned me to stay away
But I went ahead and caressed
She bit me coyly and I screamed my surprise
As Mother took her away
I burst into tears.

I saw her again when I was eight

Hidden behind a crisp brown turban
Mother tore it off with a β€œcrack!”
Then put her to paraffin soaked wool
When Mother left, I took her to my room
Wondering why one so beautiful would hide her light
I struck her head against the wall
She burst forth in my hand
Her orange blossom lighting my face
Warming my soul
She bit me again and I dropped her
Fascination dampening my pain
I watched as she nearly died; soul blue as ice
Then smiled when she rose; red and hot as the Sun
She surprised me that night as she filled my room
Taking wood, wool and glass
Filling my bones with blissful heat
Showing a dark side that threatened to take me over
It filled my lungs and burnt my throat
As everything went black
I smiled.

I am twenty when we meet for the last time
We have been lovers for so long
My skin marked as hers, melted and made perfect
My blackened fingers clutch her signal to dance
We are going to a final gathering of souls
We walk through the crowd as she rests
Cold and heavy against my back
As I stand in the middle of mortals, she whispers
“Release Me…”
I push red and she escapes, loud as thunder
The Phoenix embraces me, touching my core as I scream
It’s a white-hot orgasm of primal lust
I rise, floating above the rubble, amidst charred souls
The Orange Blossom has taken me
everything goes black

One last time



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