The Okaima Interview

hl_blue joined #the-okaima-interview

hl_blue set the room purpose: To dissect Okaima the flying Bishop

amanda  joined #the-okaima-interview by invitation from @hl_blue, along with @edgothboy@ima_theflyingbishop@naaki


hl_blue: Good morning ma. Welcome to your Stories Interview.

ima_theflyingbishop : Good morning. Thank you!

hl_blue: We will try to ask you any random questions our readers might want to know about you. This is not your regular because we will be nice. But many of our questions will be “asking for a friend”. I hope that’s OK.

ima_theflyingbishop:  That’s okay. I am eager to start this. I have never been interviewed!

hl_blue: Wow. So we are about to take your Interview virginity? Should we be ummm gentle? studies toes

ima_theflyingbishop: Naw! I like it rough.

hl_blue: LOL please please, some of our readers are under 18. Let’s keep it PG please. Are you part of team natural? When did you start your journey? Why did you choose this hair path? Why are you like this?

ima_theflyingbishop: Haha I don’t know what team I belong to. Honestly. My hair doesn’t just feel like it is what it should be. I don’t want it relaxed. I don’t want it natural. There is no name for the team I belong to. Maybe Team Confused?
This hair path chose me (I always wanted to use that line). And I really don’t know why I am like this, if you find out you can tell my mother, she is wondering why too.

hl_blue: We love your mother already. I mean, she brought this flying bishop into the world. Wait! Are you from Benin by any chance? Where are you from? What is the full name of Ima?

ima_theflyingbishop: I am not from Benin, I am from Edo state though. People assume everybody from Edo state is also from Benin but that’s not the case. I am from Ozalla, one of the smaller villages in Edo state and this makes me Owan.

My full name is Okaimame.

hl_blue: Have you ever thought of a T shirt with the inscription: “I put the Kai in Okaima”? I mean, you can use it to answer your toasters and screen off the timid ones.

ima_theflyingbishop: Lool how come I never thought of that? I am going to have one made. Great idea! Or perhaps, the team can make me one? You know.

hl_blue: Oh we will. Complete with the logo and all

ima_theflyingbishop: Exactly!

hl_blue: Speaking of toasters, are you single? If so, why? Since when? And people say they write better when they are heartbroken. Has your heart been broken before? What did it do to your writing? Sorry for the many questions but please we find you quite interesting

ima_theflyingbishop: Haha, yes I am single. I don’t know why, I am awesome really. I have been told I chose the single life, but who does that? Yes, my heart had been broken before. My heart breaks all the time really. It breaking is no longer a big deal. I just eat eba and watch movies till my eyes and stomach hurt.

The first heart break was what made me start writing. Then the most recent made me stop. Funny.


edgothboy: Tell us about the Writer Competition?

ima_theflyingbishop: The Writer… Hmmmm.

Well, it is a writing competition organized by The naked convos. I got selected to compete like 2 years ago? It did something to be, I am not sure what. It made me realize how much I hate to compete *blush*. My writing (and confidence in it) never quite recovered and that’s so silly, like it was just a competition right?

edgothboy: Haha. But it introduced you to the world and many of‘s readers.

How did you get into editing?

ima_theflyingbishop : Yeah, it did.

I am really not sure I am actually into editing yet. I am kind of learning on the job. The idea was brought to me by Efe and it sounded like something I’d enjoy. I started doing it and fell in love with it. My ink may have dried now but I know how to bend your pen so the ink will flow out well.

edgothboy : Haha. Every flying bishop has that skill. What occupies your time when you’re not slaving over stories?

ima_theflyingbishop: Okay. That used to be school/studying but I recently got done with that. So right now, all I do is sleep, eat, watch movies, tweet and sleep.


hl_blue: Please tell us about some stories you wrote that are your personal favorites. Tell us your favorite authors and stories, novels, blog posts, anything.

ima_theflyingbishop: Efe, your questions always have branches. I know I said I like it rough but this is a lot!

hl_blue : Hahahaha. It will not pain you

ima_theflyingbishop: I have a soft spot for “Coming of Age”. Probably because it was the first story I wrote. And the blog comments made me feel like ‘gee! I can actually write!’ (To read Coming of Age, CLICK)

Favorite authors, where do I actually start from?

Favorite books – The Girl’s guide to Fishing and Hunting, the Bell Jar, Girl, interrupted, Glass Castle, Everything Good Will Come and so on. There is a lot really. Depending on my mood and where I am at that point.

hl_blue: OK. I have run out of questions but there is this one last one. What is the hardest part about editing people’s work? Like, what part do you consistently struggle with? If you could send a note to all the writers you have to edit before you tackle their work, what would it be?

ima_theflyingbishop: My hardest part of editing would be a question really: “What are you trying to say?

Knowing the answer to that makes everything easier. There are times I read a story and I interpret it one way and I try to polish it with my interpretation of the story in mind. And the writer is like ‘No! You are changing my story!’
It’s uncomfortable for me because I know how that feels. I don’t want to change anyone’s story or alter their voice. I just want it clearer. And louder. Or firmer. You know, whatever it needs to be to pass the message you want to pass across in the best way possible.
Okay, I think I should stop.

hl_blue: LOL no actually. Please go on. It seems this is a major issue. Finding your voice. Saying it the way you want it to be said. Tell us more please.

ima_theflyingbishop: Haha that’s all. I just think it is important for the story to remain true.

hl_blue: I think so too. I think the beauty of is giving people the chance to tell their stories in their own voice. It is an empowering feeling to be able to say it the way it is touching you. It’s like breathing fresh air for the first time, sharing a unique experience and then seeing people resonate with or react to it.

amanda: I have some questions please.

What do you like most about working here at, and what’s the hardest part?

ima_theflyingbishop: I love my fellow editors the most. (Sorry writers and readers). They have become like family in such a short time. I have learnt a lot from them. The hardest part is rejecting a story.

amanda: What do you see Stories becoming, as time goes by?

ima_theflyingbishop:  Bigger. Better. So many branches spurting out of this tree. You guys just wait and see.


naaki: I’m late to the party, but I apologize. My question: would you rather fight a thousand Bengal tigers the size of army ants or one giant army ant?

ima_theflyingbishop: Erm neither. Fighting is not good. It is in the Bible.

amanda: LOL!

And now, for the Common Debates In The Reading Community Lightning Round.

Ebooks or hardcopies?

ima_theflyingbishop: HARDCOPIES.

Sorry, I usually don’t shout.

amanda: Books or the movie adaptations?

ima_theflyingbishop: Books. Some movie adaptations are pretty good though. Like Girl, interrupted. Angelina Jolie slayed in that movie!

amanda: Sci-fi or Romance?

ima_theflyingbishop: Excuse me? Romance pleaseeee

amanda: Lol! Girl!!

And finally, which book do you wish you had written?

ima_theflyingbishop: Erm I haven’t read that book yet.


hl_blue: Is that so? OK. Now it is time for our Writer surprise challenge. Ima, immediately you see this message you are required to drop everything you are doing and write us an extremely short story (max. 5 lines) on anything that comes to your mind. It has to be original and something you have just thought up on the spot.

Ready, set, GO!

ima_theflyingbishop: Hahahahahaha!

This is a story about Efe who always tried to cajole Okaima to write. Sometimes, he succeeded and other times, he lived to try another day. The end.

hl_blue: LOL!

Cajole? Wow. Is that how it felt to you? I thought our writing relationship was mutually felt. Okaimame if that’s how you feel about it then maybe we should just be friends. You’re too good for me. It’s not you, it’s me. Please understand. This is the end.

ima_theflyingbishop: You’re welcome. We should do this more often.

I mean interview me.

Because I am fun.

And I enjoyed this.

Thank you too.

On Friday we will interview Eddie the Baddie. See you then 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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