The Love I Hope For

I am secretly a sucker for love. Most people who know me would not believe this. I have been referred to in different ways. The one that struck me the most was when it was said that I have a “black heart.” Lol! I know right? And I’m still alive! To the best of my knowledge, my heart is red and pumping with a lot of blood and love. Love for my God, my family,  my friends and the kind of love I hope to one day  share with just one person.

After writing what you are going to read below, I said to my friend that I feel I have a lot of love wasting in my heart. Writing has always been my greatest form of expression. Hopefully, one day, the words in my heart easily flow through my lips.

I’m sharing this because it was poured out from a deeper part of me. I hope you can relate.

I may not know everything

There is to know on earth

But I’m sure of one thing

And for a moment, I have never doubted it.

People say I’m infatuated and it would only last a little while,

I do not argue.

I embrace the fact that with all the beautiful wonders of this world, only one thing was blessed to keep me spell-bound – You.

I would not go on the futile journey of explaining my love to people living outside the walls of my heart.

Instead, I would celebrate the leap in my heart every time I meet your eyes.

I would reel in the thunderbolts that strike every time you hold my hands.

I would run with the wind that blows every time I’m embraced by your warmth.

If one day we go our separate ways,

I would bless the day I met you.

It won’t have the title “my first teenage love affair


Because with us, two hearts met, ceased to beat as though dead and suddenly awakened to one beat.

So when I say “l love you,” I don’t just say the three most convenient words people are known to throw around. No.

When I say I love you, I mean that I love who you used to be: perfectly flawed. I love the person that you are: imperfectly perfect. And I love the person you hope to become: my anticipated wonder.

Believe this: I Love You.


It’s been quite a while at Stories. We still love you too. 


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