The Life of Me

Let me take you to 2009, when I was on IT in Effurun, Warri, Delta state.

I had a small room in a big house, a wonderful sister-in-law with kids and a military like uncle who keeps me on my toes daily. He had 5 cars and I was supposed to know the one he would like to drive the next day. Any failure to do this…. (*in my Asa’s voice* stop calling me a WAILER!!!!!!!). That small room had me writing down a lot of things I wanted 2015 to be and though some have happened, I skipped one,  which is walking by the side of a lady in a white flowing gown. Smiles


Back to 2015. The year started with a lot of promises and a lot of intentions; I am very engaged (with work, not with BAE, edakun), so the plan was to build my personal business and excel at it. It started very well, and then my 9-5 got very tasking (Remember that Super story sound track).


So, I worked with a tech company and the energy level was dope (very high), I was like the brand ambassador and all, I got to go to a lot of events and speak at lot of events too. This means that I know people, and some of them know me. I did things for people – like helping them get a job and start a new career so, I know a lot of ladies and a few good men. The job went well and I started getting bored, because even though helping people get things done made me happy,  it was never enough.


Let me digress a bit. So I decided to rent an apartment, which I did, but I don’t stay alone (I’m not doing that OSU or LASU parole, please abeg and I apologize). I grew up in a very large family, 5 sisters and 1 brother, and I am the last-born, so you know what I mean. My Father was very nice and he accommodated a lot of people when he was alive so we continued with that trend (story for later). “I cannot cook to save a soul, so my nephew and mum stay with me, wifey gotta know how to cook and I am not saying this from a very strong point, I am kinda pleading“…..Reasons I don’t stay alone.

I will skip my relationship part and my political part, because i want to….(ejo le fero)

So, let’s stick to my career and how I live my life – apart from going to work everyday, I joined a group that allows me to run every week. From a guy who could barely do long distance, I sprint away 5km in 22mins on the average. It has become something I can say that I’m skilled at in less than 6 months; I run a distance of up to 50km monthly.

2015 would have been a very normal and interesting year for me, but I did something people wouldn’t expect. I resigned from work and the phone calls and messages wouldn’t stop coming in…. So the most interesting part of 2015 started from October 16 till date; let me run through it.

Oct 16: Filled a form for a new business idea Called the Enterprise Technology Challenge (ETC)

Oct 17: Quit my Job

Oct 21: Celebrated my Birthday amid a lot of drama

Oct 25: 5 year remembrance of Late Elder Emmanuel Jaiyeola Salami

Nov 6-8: Came second at the ETC, I won something very big

Nov 9-Nov 21: Had a lot of souvenir contracts, I have an outfit that makes souvenirs

Nov 21 – Date: Looks like my decision to quit makes a lot of sense and money (story for later).


I have actually not mentioned the businesses I started, check my bio on twitter @obadafidii for details. For me, I don’t rush any project I do, I plan and execute, and I have done that more in the last 40 days than in the last 4 years.


In all, I want to say its been a wonderful 2015, I have met people especially online, football related, business wise and a lot of other ventures. You might not know a lot of things about me in 2015 but my name is Jaiyeola Ayodeji David, you might want to remember that.


Ah ah. Captain Whirlwind. Edakun, which direction are you blowing so we can be ready?

David Jaiyeola

is a business oriented young person who seeks to help children get more education, build businesses and make the nation better.


  • Abiola says:

    “You might not know a lot of things about me in 2015 but my name is Jaiyeola Ayodeji David, you might want to remember that.” I like this……more than a challenge, it sounded more than a promise to us all to be on the look out because you are coming. Wish you well…..

  • Clarion says:

    This made me smile. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for you, so I can famz. 😀

  • Lizzieebunoluwa says:

    *belly aching laughter*
    As much as I enjoyed this review, I think Uncle Efe’s response cracked me up the most. ???????
    Edakun, I can’t be laughing this hard. Its late.

  • Babatunde Salawu says:

    you are a man I know… your inspiration added to what I am,. many am sure didn’t know how ur growing up was…but I do. you scale through…u made us scale through…l know u know what I mean. but wait u resigned? hmmm! y should I be surprised! you r a vision. am waiting for more…

  • kemi ogunbameru says:

    interesting read,David. Wishing you the very best and God’s favour

  • Adejoke says:

    I’m happy for you David! Keep shining!

  • Jaiyeola David says:

    Captain whirlwind? Lol
    I just thought to be the bearer of good news.

    I am here and hope to make 2016 a better year for myself and everyone around me.

    Captain Whirlwind??????

  • Mims says:

    Wow, nice to know the other side of David. This was inspiring so I am particularly watching out for you in 2016. Thank you for sharing

  • Adeyemi says:

    Nice one David…am not surprised you have achieved all these things and still aiming for the sky, because you have always been a goal getter. Keep it up brother.

  • Sanusi says:

    Good to hear all this Bruh.. But you skip BOI was expecting that..lolZz

  • Oyinlola says:

    One would not know all this about you by the casual hellos. Well done!

  • eloxie says:

    Loved the optimism of this. Excitedly looking forward to the future with you ‘Captain Whirlwind.’

  • mayree says:

    hey! David…nice one.The job quit was a bold step and one dt u arent regretting now. i can still recall ur political ambition since Lag days n was hoping dt it will be dis 2015 *smiles* notwithstanding…i’m so proud of u and 4 sure will not forget ur name after 2015…lol.

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