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Kovie (@kovieparker) shares her dream day with us in today’s post. The male perspective to this situation written by Yours truly comes up later tonight. (I think). Enjoy 🙂


My heart does a little dance. The butterflies in my tummy seem to be flowing with the same rhythm my heart is dancing to as they flutter about in excitement. This is the day I have been waiting for all my life. Everything seems to be going perfectly. Standing beside me as we wait for the doors to open, my father gives my hand a little squeeze. “My little angel is all grown up” he whispers. “You are so beautiful my love. He’s lucky to have you”. This time his voice cracks up a little. Now I’m beaming. “I love you daddy” I say to him. He lifts my veil slightly, just enough to place a kiss on my cheek. As he drops the veil, I hear the music, the doors open. It’s time.
Walking down the aisle I take it all in, the hall looks heavenly; the wedding colors, simple and classic, white and black with a hint of red. My wedding planner has outdone herself. Everyone looks lovely. All smiling as they watch me walk down. The saxophonist plays so beautifully. Then I allow myself look at the groom, the most handsome man I have ever laid my eyes on. He’s smiling at me but I can tell he’s a little nervous. His eyes sparkle as he watches me approach. Today I marry the man of my dreams. My Jide…
The first time I saw him, he was standing by my office door looking confused. I had heard of the new director who had just been transferred from the head office to oversee the Risk Management Department of our branch in Abuja, but being in the Legal Department, I had taken no interest. To me he would be just another old pot-bellied Director barking out orders. When my colleague pointed to this young, tall and dark “hottie” with the most handsome features I had ever seen as the new Director, I was shocked. My eyes quickly checked his left hand and ring finger. No ring; he was single. I quickly got up and offered my assistance as he seemed lost. I gave him directions while flashing my most enchanting smile.
The next time I saw him, we were alone in the elevator when he asked for directions to a particular restaurant in town. After giving him the details, I suggested that he have his driver take him instead of taking the risk of getting lost in a new city. “You know what they say about getting lost and how it helps you learn your way faster”, he had replied. I shook my head to signify that I did not understand him. ” How about I explain it to you over dinner? ” I had gone along with him for dinner and a few dates later, we were in a full and blossoming relationship. He turned out to be the man I had always wished for. Olajide Braimoh Baker, the man of my dreams.
My walk to the altar finally ends and my father takes my hand and places it in Jide’s. Just as the priest opens his mouth to speak, the alarm clock blares, jolting me out of dreamland. 6.00AM. I hiss. Time to get ready for work. As I get dressed, I practice my smile in the mirror again. It’s been six months since Jide resumed work in the office. I leave the house with as much optimism as I’ve done since the first day I set eyes on him. Today will be the day when he’ll notice me. I just know it in my heart that this will be the day he’ll say more to me than the occasional nod he gives each time I offer my greetings. For I see it in his eyes. Maybe today it will become a reality. He is after all the man of my dreams.

As pathetic as this story sounds, it made me laugh


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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