The Cuddle Anthem

So Miss Duro (@MsDuro) wrote a reply to an old poem of mine (mine is the first section) and now seemed the perfect time to put this up in light of recent debates. Ahem. #TeamCuddles. Enjoy.


I wanna be your pillow…

I wanna be there when you wake up to remind you that it was just a nightmare…

I wanna be there when you cry at night to soothe your tears…

I wanna be there to share your honest prayers…

I wanna be there with you when everyone else has gone to bed…

I wanna be there to cradle your head when you lose yourself in sleep…

I won’t even mind being your punching bag when you have to let off steam…

I just wanna be your pillow…

Good night.


I awaken with a smile as bright as the dawn I see outside the window;

Waking up in your arms, relieved it is you here

Knowing that everything would be fine

And if not

I can always come back

That you’ll always be there


Remind me it’s just a nightmare

Soothe my tears

Share my honest prayers

Be there

When everyone has gone, not just to bed but turned away from me

Cradle my head when I lose myself in sleep

Be my punching bag when I want to let off steam

That you’ll be not just my pillow, but a pillar to support and lift me up

Higher and higher with each passing day

Just that thought has lit my world, warmed my heart, made me glow brighter than the morning sun…

So awaken and keep holding me

Let our eyes speak on behalf of our lips

Let our twin heartbeats be the reassurance that you’ll never leave

Let our synchronized breathing be my reality check

Let the wind in the willows whisper wanton wishes as it washes over we

Awaken and share the beauty of earth’s sun rise with me

There may be many stars in the sky but you are my sunshine

Good morning


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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