The Circle

The Circle is the perfect shape, the perfect symbolism of all things,

Infinite, Eternal, Forever-lasting,

I stared at the circle and saw it stare back at me,

Simple to behold at first glance, I looked in closer and watched it stride and strut as it opened its mouth to speak, “who can decipher me?” It asked,

“what scientist, astrologer, adventurer, can tell my beginning from my end, All things infinite, eternal and forever-lasting is shaped in my likeness, think of the sun and marvel in its mystery..when was its beginning, when shall it end?, Think of the earth in all her glamour, shaped in my likeness”

I stared at the wedding ring on my finger and I heard the circle speak again “Ah yes..” it said to me straight-faced and sternly, piercing its gaze at the heart of my soul, “Infinite, Eternal, Forever-lasting, even marriage is shaped in my likeness. Ever wondered why the ring is a circle? The beginning of no end, I’m the only shape that may not break, I bear no joints that may detach, though a scratch or patch and cracks may attack.

Let it sink in, ring in, sting in till you are wincing! When next you catch a slight glimpse of that ring, you are bound by Love, tolerance and respect to your other half, and together you shall remain: Infinite, Eternal, Forever-Lasting.”


Basically, the Average: Hats, Plain-tees, denims and shorts, Bare feet, Sea-view on a Beach, beneath a coconut tree shade, Guitar in hand.. kinda guy. As free as spirits come, An Earthling with a yearning to live.


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