The beginning of the End

It all started in my sleep. Yeah, I’d been feeling funny squeezing waves in the recent past around my crib but nowhere near this serious. It almost felt like I was about to be pushed out. The Voice was also different. I had never heard it sounding this distressed, like there was genuine threat to life. I clenched my fists and waited, alert to whatever surprises might be lurking. But nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

Whooossshhh! All the protective water I had become used to living in suddenly drained out. Something was definitely wrong. The Voice was screaming. My crib was trembling. The waves were becoming more and more violent. Someone was looking for trouble. For the first time in my life I was offended. It was a new emotion. It made me kick and clench my fists. I only needed an object to vent my anger on.

No way! This was not happening. I moved down significantly. I had never moved in my long years of existence! I mean, I was conscious of moving around in my sack but never out of it as it seemed to be happening just now. Just as I convinced myself that I had indeed moved, my head was out of my sack.  My ears were ringing. My head suddenly felt cold. Some caressing draft weaved feathery patterns around my head. Everything was ticklish, new, confusing and so fast!

Then I felt large hands wrap around my neck firmly. I had never been touched in my entire life! What was this?! The Voice also sounded very different now. Still the same but much further, and at the same time much louder. I was struggling to process all this when I was yanked out of my sack home. I was held around my ankles as I tried to kick. Air parted my chest involuntarily and I felt a very peppery sensation on the inside for the first time. My chest was expanding in an unusual way. Nothing had ever gone in that deep! Yeah, I’d taken a few gulps of water before and playfully spurted them out, but that was play. This was forced and totally beyond my control. Someone was going to pay!

I felt my whole body vibrating. My throat and chest were ringing loudly as a new sound filled my ears. I could see nothing but a dim background white light that was so disconcerting. Wait! The sound seemed to come from me. Or did it? It must have, since it coincided with my chest filling and emptying of air, in short bursts. I was releasing my frustration and anger at whoever was responsible for this. I wished my ankles were……

My thoughts were interrupted by suddenly being turned upside down. My ankles were released as I wished, yeah, but now a totally new sensation began to disorient me. All the blood from my head flowed out as I was held by those monstrous, offending hands. My legs under me? What kind of punishment was this? I was shocked and forgot to breathe. Expressing my anger quickly gave way to total confusion. I had never in my entire life had my head above my legs. I felt terribly dizzy and light-headed. I could not think talk less of react. I felt powerless and defeated. Turning me upside down was the ultimate offense, the killer punch. Whoever did that without my permission or power to resist was definitely superior and in firm control. I finally surrendered.

At the point of giving up, I heard the Voice again. I expected it to be more distressed now since evidently the world had come to an end. But I was laid down next to the source of the Voice. It felt different and the same all at once. It laughed. It spoke to me. It calmed me. It presented a raised and ready nipple to my mouth. I held on for dear life. The ringing in my chest stopped. Like so many ironies in this new world, everything was at peace and all wrong at the same time. Or maybe not so wrong. At least the Voice was here. In a way, everything had changed and nothing had changed. I knew I would never go back to my watery sack home. Now it felt like I was in a sea of empty nothingness and the world had suddenly multiplied several times in size. There were surprises every second in this new world. Just when I thought I had learned everything about the Universe there was to know!

Nevertheless, I was confident, almost arrogant. Cocky and determined to show this new world that against all odds, I would live. I would learn. I would fight back. I would survive. I had to. After all, I had just come through the worst experience I could possibly pass through.

I had just been born!


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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