The 2015 Guest Blog Review: Intro

*Efe strolls into abandoned movie theater*

Gosh this place is dusty. Oh my word what a year 2015 has been! Our actors for the stage play are already arriving one by one and we need to get this place ready for them!

Okaima, are the refreshments ready? What happened to the fridge? We paid our dues so our light should be full current by now. Our VIPs will complain if the drinks are not pinging cold. You know how people are when they pay money for VIP seats to a command performance.

Okaima hurries off to the fridge with her phone in her hand, furiously dialing NEPA.

Amanda please check that the hotel rooms for our visiting artistes are up to Stories spec. I discovered some cockroach eggs in the blankets last year and thank God nobody had to use more than one towel for the one night they stayed last year.

Amanda looks sick to her stomach at the thought of cockroaches and their spawn but drags her feet to hail a cab to the writer hotels.

Eddie!! Eddie!! Can I get some security up in here? These doors are not open to all and sundry! Why are the mosquito nets full of holes? Please keep the white walkers out of the main concert hall please!

Eddie slinks off with a hammer and nails, mumbles something about fashion bloggers being the bomb.

Hi Naaki! You’re with me for the rest of the month. Please be my eyes and ears and tell me if I miss anything out. Here! Catch this. *tosses huge iPad and jacket and head warmer all at once*

Naaki’s glasses tip from her nose as she scrambles to juggle all the items from falling to the ground.

I have to sweep this place now. Our first guests will soon arrive.

Efe bends down low and begins to sweep, pauses to stretch his long waist.



Happy new month peoples! Yes! The Stories event of the year is here again. We have over 60 writers signed up to review how their years went. You have looked forward to this since you were here last year *side eyes to all the once a year blog visitors* and the year before that, and the year before that, in fact, since 2011.

Why do we review our year? Well, if your review is honest and heartfelt, you will see where you made your mistakes and where you won your victories (many people don’t realize just how great the year was for them until they sit down to count their blessings). For some of us, we go back year on year and re-read the state of mind we had last year and the year before that and the years before that. It is an amazing feeling tracing your steps and seeing the landmarks along the way.

If your review is honest and heartfelt… Big if, yes? Funny enough there are still unexpected spaces in the review slots so if you were thinking of doing yours and you think you are up to it, do not hesitate to send in your entry to and we will find a space for you. Somehow.


For a bit of context and history the year-end reviews started in 2011. Yes, this is the 5th straight year we are doing this. My first suggestion of this on twitter was on the 30th of November 2011 when I asked if anyone thought it was a good idea to review their year. Moyin stepped up and said she would take the first day (December 2nd then, 2 days notice) and that same evening, she delivered her draft to my email. It was perfect. Since then, she has always set the tone for the year-end reviews by kicking off day for us. Yes. Moyin’s post is ready for us at 12 noon today as the first in over 60 reviews you will read this month. After that, every day posts will go up at 9 am and 5 pm.

You will cry at some, you will laugh at others, you will be envious at some and you might even be motivated by others to re-energize for 2016. But I promise you, one or more of the posts this month will touch you in a place in your heart you were not expecting.

So please subscribe to post notifications by email by dropping your email at the top of the page. We will not have time to alert you of all the gems that will be dropping otherwise. Tell your friends and family and foes and fans to come read your reviews on the days they go up. Please share the reviews of your friends that touch you.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2015 Stories End of Year Guest review month. See you at 12 noon 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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