Taming the Beast?

So we have another poem from a guest writer again (I know right? I haven’t written anything in ages!) But then, some people do write better than I do. Especially with poems. From Ranti (@theGothPrince) enjoy…..


Sorry little sight you are,
Lying there beaten, broken
Fallen tears to mix with the blood from your wounds
Sorrow ravaged and worse for wear

Did you try to control the beast,
Show your dominance over animal instinct?
Womanly graces never overrode his feral blood lust;
A gentle voice does not, a raging storm calm

Why did you insist for so long
Holding onto your bestial pet,
Try to tame the one fickle as the ocean,
Were you driven by masochism or misplaced optimism?

Your beast snarls and snipes at your breast
He aims to gouge out your bleeding heart
But to you it’s all fun and games
You pet him till he purrs in satisfaction

You gripe of locked doors and endless passages
That hold you captive to his torment
Dear daughter, weep with shame
For letting benevolence trump common sense
For choosing obstinacy to scorn reality
A little honesty and you’ll admit
Womanly graces cannot always overcome animal instinct


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


  • Seyi says:

    It’s always nice to read a good, comprehensible, short poem. This is the 2nd one I’m reading here. Nice work, Ranti (right?). (Y)

  • @edgothboy says:

    Nice to see Dark poetry here to balance out all the other stuff. team goth all the way. As he said womanly graces cannot override animal instinct

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