Surprise: Corinthian

I enjoyed persuading Corinthian (@Hug_Hater) to share her inspiring story. And yes that’s her real name.


First off, I’m not a blogger or writer or any of that sort. I’m just an avid reader. So the point of the afore-mentioned cool story is for you to permit my smudges, gbagauns, typographical errors, etc. So here it goes:
For most people, the beginning of every year is usually full of hopes and some kind of zest for life but for me, all I wanted in 2011 was to survive and especially succeed at surviving. I didn’t have any New Year resolutions or dreams of taking over the world or even an aim to get A’s in 35 courses,*clears throat* I just knew I wanted to survive and be good at it.

The beginning of my year was pretty depressing as it was school resumption and it was one of the major parts of my life I really wanted to come tops at with a 4.0 GPA but I couldn’t even afford to pay my fees or buy my books and it was final year, I had to start my project. School and family pressure was building. I was losing patience and got angrier by the day. I prayed, I cried, I hoped. I got angry and stopped believing. The only good part was I wasn’t losing weight or looking like an anorexic patient.

At about March, I was finally able to off-set some of my bills and even had enough money to get through. It was the only hope I had and I was clinging to it with all my might. Happy by Leona Lewis became my mantra thanks to @ColorMeCake. I also went through a break-up which left me pretty shattered. I got depressed again and pressure from every other aspect of my life started building again. That’s where friendships saved me. Even though I lost some friends, I made new friends and became closer to old friends. I found love again. (I know we aren’t supposed to talk about romance, but it was a major aspect of my life besides, rules were made to be broken! :D). When I couldn’t even bring myself to love or believe in me I was shown more love than I could ever imagine. I won’t go into details (side eye at Efe) but I know I became happier. I started believing in myself again and trusting God. I saw my results in a 3.5 GPA (even though it wasn’t what I hoped for, it was something I could live with). Another major breakout point in 2011 was when I watched BET’s Black Girls Rock. I was inspired by the amount of women that became “somebodies” out of “nobodies” and I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and make something out of myself.

Even though I wasn’t able to finish up with school (no thanks to ASUU), I’m proud of myself and all I could achieve in 2011 given the constraints that I had. I was forced to grow up and make decisions like a 30-year old without applying emotions. I was fully able to discover, understand and carve a niche for myself, I learnt how to be patient and take every day at a time. Best of all, I know I was able to make 2011 rock!  Although I still don’t have any plans of writing up New Year resolutions, I know I’m excited about 2012 and better things sure lie ahead. And if I happen to get lemons next year, I’m sure gonna make lots of lemonade!


*raises glass of lemonade* You rock girl!!! See y’all tomorrow 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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