Self Care: Kitan introduction.

So we decided to put up this letter by Ade Olakiitan as a preclude to his entry for self care because we think it’s an excellent introduction to the Self Care series and Ade’s very detailed musings on mental illness and help. We hope you find it as enlightening as we did.


Thank you, initiator of the self care initiative. Going through my episodes, a large fraction of my survival is credited to such online initiatives as this. It is all the more relevant to then ignite this in a community where it is barely spoken of.
Reading your call for submission was joyful in many ways but mostly for the necessity of these type of discussions. Haven been a follower of the platform, it is only normal I respond to a subject I feel closely entwined with. As a creative, I understand and have experienced first hand the perils and travails of any form of creative journey. From the anxiety and pressure to sinking to the far ends of a mental decline (illness). With its increased happenings over the years, these issues are still ever so often not tended to. As that isn’t enough there are also several multiplicities attached to being not only a creative but being one in an environment that isn’t only friendly but equally frustrating to thrive in. The brilliance of this project is the prospect to first cultivate a home-based discussion and refuge that can also become of relevance to people not from home or the country.
I would like to share my journey– in hopes to re-assure others that it is not a lone experience and to share also, my resolve– which might not exactly be epiphanic nuggets but as a nudge that intentional survival through it all is possible. Upon writing, I have found this to be somewhat inexhaustible and sensitive. It is for this reason I mailed to inquire for the possibility of submission to come in submissions– in compact instalments. I have struggled to put all I have to say in one linear article, such that stands the risk of being too long– in the fast paced culture that won’t spend too long a time on a piece, even with its promises of saving your life.
I look forward to reading your reply and guidance to kneading this submission to suit the topic’s needs in the best way possible.
Ade Olakiitan.


is off foraging for new material in the jungles of Victoria Island, wont be home for supper.

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