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Ima here. It has been a while right? I apologize for the drought but this place will be busy and buzzing in no time, I assure you.

Today, we have a post from Moyin to mark the World suicide prevention day which was on the 10th of September. Read and enjoy. See you on the other side.

Oh and also, the remaining editor interviews will be brought to you this week. Thank you for staying with us. xx


It’s World Suicide Prevention Day y’all and I have feelings. As usual.

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is going with the theme ‘we’ll see you tomorrow‘ for this important day. And it couldn’t be apter.

One of the things that helps me a lot when I am struggling is the thought of just making it till the next day. Someone said something to me once that struck me hard. ‘whenever you have suicidal thoughts, give it 24 hours and then do it‘. He must have had some spectacular faith in me because imagine if it didn’t work? Anyway, I’ve held that close to my heart and now I just give it 24 hours. Somehow, those 24 hours seem to clear things up and I always end up feeling much better. It is incredible, I tell you!

If you’re in the same boat as me, I’d love to offer the same words, only a little bit refined. Please give it 24 hours, but keep going about life as you would. If after 24 hours, you still feel that way, give it another 24 hours. I guess, my point is: time helps things get better. Only yesterday, I was feeling very low and I really wanted to hurt myself. But look at me, less than 24 hours later sitting in my office, writing a post, loving life.

Tomorrow is filled with more possibilities that you can imagine. Tomorrow is the place where everything is possible. Tomorrow is a promise, it is a gift. It is the answer to the questions that these dark nights of today are asking. Tomorrow is all the smiles hidden in your eyes, tomorrow is laughing from your belly again. Tomorrow is feeling happy for the sunrise. Tomorrow is reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, falling in love, buying that car or that house. Tomorrow is taking the first step, answering the phone, calling your friend up. Tomorrow is asking for help, answering ‘I’m not fine’ when asked ‘how are you?’. Tomorrow is feeling the fear. And facing it. Tomorrow is not letting the darkness win.

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“You deserve a thousand tomorrows, you deserve to love and be loved, you deserve to forgive and be forgiven”

We’ll see you tomorrow.

Above all else, we choose to stay. We choose to fight the darkness and the sadness, to fight the questions and the lies and the myth of all that’s missing. There is much not missing. We choose to stay because we are all stories still going. Because there is still some time for things to turn around, time to be surprised and time for change. We stay because no one else can play your part.”

-Jamie Tworkwoski: ‘If You Feel Too Much: Thoughts on Things Found and Lost and Hoped For’


Moyin is a Ph.D. student who writes in her free time. When she’s not in the lab, she’s in bed watching TV, scrolling through Twitter and finding random videos on Youtube. She hopes to one day write articles that make people cry.


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