2018. Hmm. Honestly the first good year I’ve had in ages. The last good year I had before was 2010. Since then it’s been downhill sort of, 2015 was alright. But this year was different. It was like coming up for air. Love it! So I’m just gonna write about the ups and downs. More ups than downs, thankfully. 

In the beginning of the year, I set goals for my business and I’m proud to say I achieved all. And I’m definitely going to do same next year. God has been so good. I don’t know what I did to deserve His love, grace and Favour because I’m not even a spiricoco Christian, but He’s been amazing this year and I’m very thankful. Thankful for Abebiorganics, I’ve learnt so much from my business. 

I also turned 25 this year and the only thing I wanted were pictures. I asked a friend, told him In January, and I gave monthly reminders, he knew my money situation so it was supposed to be a free gig. Two days before my birthday in May, we spoke and we made plans for how and where it’ll happen. On my birthday I got “I’m down with malaria, I won’t be able to take your pictures anymore”. I was so heartbroken, so disappointed but I’m like nah, nothing can steal my joy today. So I said a little prayer; then tweeted at Anny Robert and he agreed to take my pictures, FOR FREE!!! And I got the most beautiful pictures that day. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement. I was toooooo happy. I took the pictures tired but happy. The tiredness part I didn’t know, cos Anny made me laugh a lot. My friends Lade, Teni and Ariyike took me out for a birthday celebration, totally unplanned. Teni got me a weave and made my hair, Ariyike gave me a dress and did my makeup, Lade hyped me through out. For someone whose birthday is usually depressing, I HAD THE ABSOLUTE BEST TIME! It was beautiful. Ain’t God good?

I also got my first iPhone and laptop this year. With my own money. Lmao. A really big deal to me!!!! Infact huge deal! Chei. God is great o. 
Business boomed this year. Did international deliveries which was shocking, cos I used to think people in the US/UK/Canada had more than enough amazing skin and hair products over there so there won’t be a need to patronise local market uno, but boy was I wrong?! My cousin also moved abroad which is something he’s always wanted. Another happy news. There was no school fees and rent delay because I was able to pay it myself and not be anxious about where it was going to come from. I was so relieved. I didn’t have to cry or be sad or be depressed about it. It was a breeze. 

Downside of the year? I got really sick. Had an infection and my belly button swole up like crazy. Hospital and school clinic treated me for malaria for almost 3 weeks till they discovered it was an infection. Then I had to go back to Lagos for proper treatment. I got really depressed during that period cos I was so weak and helpless. I felt like I was dying. When I got better, I needed a change so I chopped off all my hair. Felt really good afterwards. This was July through August. Oh yeah, a sick cat made me sick. We had to give it away. 

More ups. Completed 300Level In school. Final year began in November. I GRADUATE IN 2019! I’m so thankful that I’ll be done soon. My friend and housemate Mariam got her admission which was the best news I could have gotten to end the year. By the way check out her website and cop yourself amazing African titles. 

This year was my first time in Kogi and Abuja. I hope I get to go to more Nigerian states next year. And hopefully fly there, road trips still make me really sick apparently. I also got to go to concerts where I had absolutely mad fun. Haha. I got myself Christmas gifts. Wow I’m an adult. Nobody bought me anything lmao. I felt really really independent this year but also really alone. I know I have friends but it’s inexplicable how even with that, one can still feel lonely or alone. Working on it cos it’s a terrible feeling, I like the independent part though. I put on a ton of weight this year, it wasn’t deliberate, went from 56kg to 62 and then 63kg. Love it! I feel like a woman loool. 

I’m grateful I was able to help and provide for my family this year. I pray I’m able to do more next year by His grace. Working on going to church more. It’s hard because I’m not really stable yet, something I hope to fix come next year. I lost and I gained back; for example my tote bag got stolen in school with items inside, I was devastated and a month later I got 3 different ones lmao. It might seem small but it felt super huge to me. Like someone up there is looking out for this one. 

Mentally, I’ve been good. It wasn’t as bad as last year. I haven’t really had suicidal thoughts and fantasies which is good. I’ve also been able to avoid triggers and all. My love for alcohol has died. I can only take cocktails now. This is coming from someone who used to down liquor from the bottle. Realized it was connected to my mental state. When things are bad, I seek refuge in alcohol because I like to forget or not think about the problem. Thankfully I’ve found healthier ways to cope and facing the issue also works as well. I hope to be my best self mentally In 2019. My thoughts are scattered and so this review is scattered as well. Forgive me. 

I pray and hope to be a better friend, child, sister, and human being in 2019. I also want to buy moreeeee clothes in 2019 cos this year I discovered I really like clothes. I want to make proper proper life-inspiring friends next year too, I’m always to scared to put myself out there for friendship but I will really try to next year. I want lifetime type friends, infact I want a clique. I pray 2019, 20, 21, 22 etc. be even more amazing, happy, wonderful to us all. Amen.

Have a great Christmas and a blessed New Year. 


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