Pay Day

And I felt him, as he lay down beside me seeking the heat of my body, the comfort he knew he would get. The comfort he needed. He drew me close to feel the softness of my skin. The sweetness of my smell. And at that moment all he needed was me, entirely. Skin to bone, body and soul. I felt all these with heart joyously satisfied that I was what he wanted and I had all he needed. Envisioning my aftermath, I lead him on. Mine was to give a peaceful death, my only contentment. And with ease and thoughtful movements I turned to face him, welcoming his hot breath to my face, desire was all it whispered. He needed passion I was more, I was intense.

He was different for he took his time. He was better than good and I wished for a second to keep him but just for a second.¬† We huffed and puffed,¬†moans and groans, every drop of sweat was worth it. Maybe he would be happy after death or not. I cared less. In revenge I will be complete, thinking how he paid without knowing and how he still will pay. He doesn’t remember but once raped always raped. He stole my soul and now, his is mine to take. He started it all , the anguish and pain caused will now be his to swallow and slowly I reach down sensing he was close to bliss reached for his “precious ” and sliced it up!!!

Oh! it felt good, the warm blood that gushed out and into my hands, I was mad with joy, eyes blazing, excitement made my skin burn as I looked into his eyes and saw realization dawn on them . How reversed our situation was now. And as he fell I climaxed, his remains still in me, savoring every moment till the end,

Then I turned and kissed his lifeless body. My satisfaction reduced because the shock got him first. But still was contented to lie in his pool of blood as it soaked the bed.


Seyi Naike

A creative writer with great imagination, not scared of her mind, not scared of the dark.


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