On Becoming Kovie

I remember how I started this year. I went to church for the crossover service and I was truly gingered for the year. I had written down goals and I was going to do all my best to achieve these goals. My priority was my spirituality and developing a relationship with God because I strongly believed it was a key ingredient to having a successful year.

I met an amazing soul on Twitter (shout out Jojo) who was very instrumental in helping me on my journey. Because that’s what it is – a journey. Not a goal to be achieved because there are no levels with God and I’m just supposed to enjoy him and his unwavering love. I received the gift of the holy spirit, I started speaking in tongues, got baptised and was finally set free from demons I’d been struggling with for years! Glory, hallelujah!

I really didn’t want to be idle before NYSC so my darling friend helped me get a job. This job would turn out to be simultaneously the best and worst thing that would happen to me lol.

Worst thing because it forced me to deal with so many things I’d been running from. It pushed me to become more. To get out of my comfort zone. Best thing because I’m so much better because of it.

The amount of self discovery I’ve had to go through this year has been SO exhausting. I’ve had to do so much learning, unlearning and relearning.

I saw God show up for me and mine in different ways. God gave me so many babies. Even in the hard times I found such peace. God was really present in my life this year.

I lost weight and gained some more but I’m currently much more body confident and have such a positive body image that I slay at any body size and you will deal.

I had to deal with low self-esteem and anxiety this year. Oh the anxiety! I definitely learnt to put my mental health first more this year. Something I never really paid attention to in the past.

I didn’t get in a relationship this year because I realised I hadn’t fully figured out what I was looking for and if I would be a good fit for the person too. Work in progress.

My friends on the other hand are getting engaged all over the place and I’m so excited for all the weddings in 2018! *cries in aso ebi budget*

All in all, 2017 will always be the year that changed my life. I’m so thankful for all the amazing people who made this year memorable, that love me, show it and mean it, for my Family the bestest ever. My mother, oh my mother. Words will never be enough. My sister, my fave, best babe. My brother lol e dey try. My cousin-sister. I love them so much.

  • For Coach (best boss) seeing me in ways that I couldn’t even see myself and helping become more.
  • For Aisha for always listening to my endless rants and coaching me. Love you girl.
  • For Tobi for always being there and never judging me, you’re still mad but I love you.
  • For Funmi for fighting with me and for me and our friendship and loving me through it all.
  • For Emeka for always being ready to answer my gazillion questions and being so helpful.
  • For David, for being the best cheerleader even though now girlfriend has carried him away.
  • For Busola, who inspired me with her strength despite her losses and everything else she’s had to go through. God’s got you b.
  • For Laide, Sope, Inimfon, Busayo and all my other friends that made me realise that time, distance and adulting has got nothing on true love.


I’m thankful for 2017, the year that I started the journey to become.

PS: If you want to set and achieve all your goals in 2018 (yes all) go to www.lifexone.org and message me @kovnificent on twitter if you need any help! (Shameless plug)

Here’s to 2018, to living out loud, being intentional, winning and kicking ass!


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