I have been so ashamed to admit or talk about the severe down time I have had since I got done with school. Medical school went on forever and finishing was supposed to bring endless sunshine to my life, but that has been as far from my reality as it is possible. I found and fell totally in love with this word in a quest to find a name for this unending heaviness and discontent I have carried with me.

Little things have made more than little differences to me. The singular lesson I have taken from feeling like a constant wet blanket is to take my pleasures wherever I find them, no matter how seemingly insignificant and macabre. One of such pleasures has been the little nuggets I find here and there on the internet, usually retweeted to my timeline by some blessed souls or dropped in my email by one of the many sites I subscribe to. They feel like little bursts of wakefulness and awareness in what feels like a permanent state of stupor.

This story’s title first caught my eyes like a sexy sweating bottle of coke sitting pretty in the fridge on a hot day, then I read it and found that the title was not even one of the greater things about it. It kept me up at night thinking of the many things I thought I had to have that eventually left me half alive.

I am not sure what about this one made me laugh so much. I was chuckling for about two days after I read it. It gave me one of those inside jokes that you are in on alone, you really cannot explain why or what about it is funny, except that it just touches your funny places.

I had travel pangs realer than hunger pangs after reading this and looking at the pictures. I was just about ready to pick up my imaginary camera and imaginary passport and venture off into the wild.

This is a lecture, you may want to take notes.

Okay, it is not really a lecture, but the points it makes are relevant enough for you to take note of. It gave me a fresh and not-so-easy to take in insight on a topic that’s currently trending among young people. It also reinforced the better to not do than to do it in error mentality I have towards the topic.

You know, I’m obsessed with psychology and anything that has to do with the workings of the mind and how it affects us? So this was a fun read. (Not like it had any new information for me though. That may have been part of the fun- rolling my eyes and muttering “duh” and “obviously” to myself)

This disturbed me. I am still trying to understand how cases are even made for some things. I am probably not as open-minded as I like to believe? Because that article did not even hold water for me, I was reading it like “what? No way!”

I have something here for those of us that have trouble minding our business. It’s a simple “Is it really my business or not?” litmus test.

I doubt it will work for Nigerians sha. What else are we supposed to do if we all start minding only our business?

I felt every tiredness this Christian wrote about. I felt it in the very middle of my chest. Knots I never knew I had gave way after reading it, very likely from the relief that came with knowing there are many Christians out there as tired as I am of Chrstian-ing as it is today.

Zadie Smith is bae – untouchable, here is one of the many reasons why.

In love with the word light. Books, poems, t-shirts and anything really with that word in it draw me in. I love the different perspectives and angles it can be taken apart from. This particular story is dear to me. In it, I am Enebeli’s daughter but without my own Enebeli.

The familiarity of this rocked me to sleep. The words wrapped me around like a personal blanket as it spoke on the conundrum of feeling homesick at home.

Efe will be amused by this story of the awesomeness and creepiness of technology. I would have been so freaked out if this happened to me, gosh!

It took me like four reads to finish this. It is not bad, boring or too long. I was simply unable to take in all of it at once.

This is the piece I wish I had written about Macklemore. Except the writer was like 100% nicer to him. I just wish the dude will focus on rapping and stop trying to act like he’s so sorry to be white even as he takes home music awards he clearly doesn’t deserve because of that same white-ness. Yes, I am still angry.

I came across these one late Sunday evening. I saved every one of them.

I rolled my eyes so hard at this, I think I fractured something in the back of my skull. I dislike the ‘crossword puzzles make you smart/are good for your brain’ talk because if that is true then why am I still like this? Just tell me why, please.

I turned to reading articles and short stories because my brain is no longer able to focus and connect words and ideas long enough to finish a book or novel. I have read only about three books since I finished school like eight months ago. That in itself is a different type of sadness. But, I am blessed and happy to have read this. It started off a little slow and picked up its pace in a rather perfect way. I cannot get over how perfect the title is (I am obsessed with titles). The main characters are like 3D in my head, so real – the blind girl with the perfect vision and the timid sweet little boy who took orders until he didn’t. Their stories intertwined, eventually intercepting in a way that can be likened to the moment you share on the bus with that stranger. Where do I turn in my proposal that this book be made into a movie?

Last and maybe my favorite (obvious bias) is this. I keep going back to read the line about holding your friend’s drink while the boy you have been eyeing talks to her. It is just too real to my life!

What other recommendations do I have?

Maybe listen to Ultralight Beam by Kanye West every morning like it is praise and worship?

Stay hydrated.

And love somebody.


Featured image is titled Girl With Flowers, by Darcie Santoyo.


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