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I stumbled upon and the whole year reviews thing early 2015. I remember I was on my way to work; I had just started the mandatory national youth service year and I was trying to get settled in at Ilorin when I came across a post with a link. Being an avid reader I opened it. I can still remember the first story I read, how the person poured out her soul into it; she didn’t have a great year but she remained hopeful. I immediately subscribed and spent the next 6 hours going through all the stories, I particularly had a bad year(2014) and I vowed to tell my story on this blog in the nearest future.

So here I am finally summoning courage and doing this. Go Girl!

I started this year with 3 major goals in mind;
1. Leave my present job and get a better one.
2. Lose Weight.
3. Stop being an hermit, go out more.

Looking back, the 3 goals all intertwined in a way, I didn’t have so much money to spare at the end of the month after my numerous expenses had been paid, so I couldn’t go out much with my friends. I was also very very unhappy with my weight, it was weighing me down.

Quarter 1(January – March)
I started the year with a goal, change jobs. I started applying and reapplying and setting up and going for interviews. I was positive I would get a better job soon.

I went for an interview with a company I have always wanted to work with and I didn’t so well, I was bounced at at the 3rd stage. I literally cried and cried, I was just one mark from the cut-off but I didn’t make it. It was the worst thing ever. I still remember that week, I couldn’t eat or sleep well. I kept beating myself over it, why didn’t I try harder or do better with the questions.

The quarter was uneventful. I went to work as usual; oh I totally forgot my family finally moved houses in February after years and years of building, so yeah something great happened.

Quarter 2(April- June)
On the 2nd of April I got an email from a company I supposedly applied to in 2016, I can’t even remember applying and writing the online exams. Here I was in April 2018, with a mail saying I passed and I had to come in for an interview. I kept checking the mail to make sure it was not scam, I informed my parents and friends and went for it. I got a mail about a week later saying I had passed and was supposed to start training May 2nd, which would run for 3 months. There was no guaranty I would have the job if I didn’t do well in the training and I had to indicate whether I wanted to take the offer or not.

This was a confusing 3 weeks of my life. I had to decide if I wanted to resign from my present employment and accept a job which was not sure yet, a job which was dependent on me passing a 3 months intensive training.
I kept praying about it and speaking to my parents, friends. I did a lot of research about the company and I found out just good things.

I eventually decided to take it. Now I had another problem. I had to give 1 month notice at my present job or I would forfeit the salary. My employers were not happy I was leaving at all; I loved them, but it was time to move on and do greater things. I resigned tearfully and started my training.

The training was intense. In 3 months I met so many people, had good laughs, endless classes, reading, more reading, tests, projects, presentations; it was one thing or the other. After 2 months of waking up at 4:30am to be able to meet up with the 7am classes, I was exhausted and done with the whole shit. But I managed to keep pushing and pushing till the end.

I got my final results and I passed the cut off. I had a job “whew”, won’t God do it?

Quarters 3 & 4 (July – Dec)
I started with my new job, lots of learning to be done. My first obstacle was my boss; I have also had nice bosses who I loved and who loved me in return, but I had to deal with a grouchy, petty and womanizing one this time. I am still dealing with him the best way I can, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

I got a diagnosis from my doctors mid October and I was down. I am still down, I guess it’s time to take my health in my hands and also work on my weight.

This review is getting longer than expected, so I would stop here. 2018 was a great year, God came through for me in ways I can’t imagine; my year of ‘learning, unlearning, and relearning’. I learnt to not cower and be proud of being a feminist; I learnt how to demand the best for myself and take it when it comes, I learnt what love and sisterhood meant in another dimension.

I got a new job.
I didn’t go out more or lose weight, well we try again next year.

This year’s review won’t be complete without me mentioning my friends, I legit have the best support system. Friends turned sisters, I call them my soul mates, they are literally the best things to happen to me and I bless God everyday for them. I know I can count on them to come through with the prayers, support, gists, laughs and kind words.

I love you Olubukola (congrats on the new job my love, I am so so proud of you), Olaide, and Omotayo. Thanks for loving me and taking care of me like you do.

Here’s to a better 2019. Cheers.

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