My Random O’s

I have heard of random orgasms. They’re not as rare as you think they are. Of the many people who deal with these kind of orgasms very few have been diagnosed.

It’s a very interesting topic to many, to others, it is bizarre.

I am a 24 year old woman who has never had sexual intercourse as I am gladly waiting until marriage. In the last three years, I have had two random vaginal muscle contractions otherwise known as orgasms. These did not happen during any sexual stimulation which makes it even weirder.
The first time I had this random orgasm was at the airport! I had nonchalantly overestimated my arrival time to the airport on that day and was 4 minutes away form missing my flight. I dashed to the departure gate and found it had closed! I had to run around the nearby gates to find any airline staff who could open the gate for me to run in as I noticed the aircraft was still parked out. As I dashed away from the gate, I noticed a strange but strong tingly sensation in my vagina. I knew I was having an orgasm. (I am a science student so I know these things WELL theoretically incase you were wondering). I tried to snap out of these weird vaginal contractions so as not to miss my flight, thankfully I did! I ended up not missing my flight like I said by 4 minutes- the plane was just (almost) departing the gate when I got in. Thank Jesus!

I sat in the plane contemplating what had just happened! “That was definitely an orgasm” I said to myself in my head. I shrugged it off and moved about my day! Fast forward to two years later. Two weeks ago, I sat in class and was about to take a test! As soon as I saw the questions, my nerves took the best of me! And boom… I experienced the vaginal contractions again. This time, I tried really hard not to allow the other students beside me notice any weirdness going on. I crossed my legs and squeezed tight to relieve myself from this pleasant sensation. “Whew” I thought.
I went home and decided to see if I could find any scientific evidence for what I had experienced on the two occasions.

Spontaneous orgasms occur independent of any sexual arousal. I wouldn’t say they are totally pleasurable (though the sensation felt good) but it was more weird and uncomfortable. I’ve read so much about this kind of orgasm and now know that it could occur for some if they’re super happy and to others if they’re super nervous. For me, it was nervousness.

Bottom line here is, you can be nervous enough to a point of orgasm!
Who would’ve thought?

I am still looking for a psychological explanation for this. I do know that psychologically, spontaneous orgasm is attributed to extreme anxiety for those who experience it. According to, “Anxiety represents the final common pathway by which social, psychological, biological, and moral factors converge to impair sexual response.”

In between these intense orgasms, I do have regular “vaginal tingles” I would call them now. They are very subtle and semi pleasurable. I have them so often they almost go unnoticeable these days.

For many who may have questions, this does not make me want to have sex badly neither does it scare me from thoughts of sex one day. However, I look forward to having sex and making love to my future husband! If this is just a glimpse of what it could be… I can’t wait! I mean… I can wait!


Funny how anxiety and orgasms are related. You can be so performance anxious that your climax is hindered by your over thinking it. Then the actual definition of an orgasm is the release of tension after a period of anxiety and excitement and expectation. Coming together might actually be due to the anxiety that your partner is about to come and end your sexual pleasure and that anxiety pushes you to have yours!

Orgasms and anxiety. Hmmmmmm. What do you think?


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.

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