My Millionaire Quest Part 2

Hello People! The Millionaire Story actually started on the post just before this one so if you’re new to this page, please read that one first (just below this). Enjoy!


Continued from Earlier…

But Femi was talking to me again and asking me the next question.

I thought about my family and friends and anyone who would hear about my trip to the show. My teachers in school and all my juniors who had believed I was some genius. I even remembered the quizzes I had represented my school in and the ones I had won. Oh well, since I could only come here once in life I might as well cool down and give it my best shot.

I breezed through the next few questions till I reached the 2nd guaranteed level. This was also a hard one. I wasn’t surprised. I had been expecting it. I was asked the name of the erupting volcano in Iceland that had disrupted flights over Europe for a large part of last year (2010). Why, oh why had I always walked out when CNN was selected by my Dad to catch up on the latest catastrophic happenings around the globe?! Where could I run to now? I didn’t think anyone at home would know this answer. I quickly weighed the options. There was one strange looking long name in the list: Eyjafjallajökull. Was that name even real?! I couldn’t even pronounce it! The more I looked at it the more I felt it could be the one but I gave no outward indication of my hunches. I would have to use my 50-50 lifeline on this one. I had this conspiracy theory in my head that when people showed any inclination to certain answers they could not choose between, the so-called “random” computer somehow seemed to leave those debatable answers behind! So I made up my mind to deliberately “mislead” the computer by saying I was thinking of some other volcano name I knew was in the States. Sure enough (in seeming confirmation of my theory) when two incorrect answers were removed from the list, this stupid volcano was left standing along with Eyjafjallajökull. I quickly switched my choices and chose the evil looking word. This was Iceland anyway. They should be expected to speak some weird language there. Perhaps this was the word in their language for the farts of the gods or some gibberish. Femi tried to act surprised that I had changed from the answer I was so “sure” of just a few minutes ago. You naughty bastard! I cursed without moving my lips. I stuck to my guns while he cajoled me on the dangers of falling back to the pittance of the 1st guaranteed level. Not working on this bloke, mate! When the answer was revealed, I had my cool one thousand pounds guaranteed.

But suddenly the sum of money seemed pitiful. Like what was I going to do with just two hundred and fifty thousand naira? It couldn’t buy me a car. Or pay my family’s rent for a year. (Not like I was feeling that chivalrous to begin with!) It was hardly even worth two iPads! I felt foolish and proud at the same time. I, the great Timi, was being asked to rejoice at having secured a thousand pounds in some silly cheating gameshow! No way! I kept a straight face while the audience went wild. Again my eyes sought out Mama Ibeji. What was wrong with this woman? Why was she so…? Why couldn’t she just carry her twins and go home to the other kids she must already have had? Here she was, applauding me so vigorously that her belly moved as if it had a mind of its own. And all just because of a thousand pounds!

I hissed inwardly and smiled for the cameras. Bring on the rest of the questions please! They might not increase my winnings for the night but my pride was at stake. I had to collect as much of the available cash as possible!

The very next question made all the earlier ones look like wonderland.

I was forced to smile as I was asked what American state Michael Jackson was born.

To be continued.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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