My first Basketball Game

Let’s provide a little context yeah?

I am Stephen Curry’s height and I have all the right basketball gear. But watch me bounce the ball twice and you would not fail to come to the conclusion that I am a total rookie.

What you might not realize or believe is that I have never played a basketball game in my life. So when the chance came to play for my department in the yearly company Olympics which I organized, I took it with both hands.


Coming on as a substitute in the 3rd quarter of a game we were leading comfortably by 20 points, I proceeded to bounce the ball with both hands at the same time (double bounce) and elicit laughter from the crowds. Thankfully none of my work WAGS were around so my swag was intact. But I was not done yet.

In a bold move I seized the ball and made for the basket with a direct drive. Ignoring the whistles and shouts from the crowd and players I did a half dunk and pipped the ball in the basket with my first ever two points made in a basketball game. Only to see the referee shaking his head and gesticulating with his hands that my basket was cancelled. What happened? He rolled his fists over each other twice to indicate that I was travelling. I was flabbergasted. Couldn’t a young man run to the basket with a ball in his hands again? What was this?

I kept a straight face and returned to my guard position. I was never dribbled in the ten minutes I played. I don’t know till now whether it was because the other players were intimidated by my height (I was a giant amongst Nigerians where I would have been a midget in the NBA) or it was because the position I was standing in was not necessary to pass to make a basket anyways.

No matter. My moment of glory finally came when we were running back from a failed basket. The opponent was on the break, masterfully bouncing the ball and surveying the options before him like a farmer wondering where to begin the harvest. He should not have been so confident though. I ran-sneaked behind him and made the steal of the game. Before I could mess my good work up by bouncing the ball and having any thoughts of grandeur I passed the ball to our points guard, completing my sole successful mission of the game. My team went on to score the point from that sublime movement which I initiated and the roar of the crowd made all the previous mistakes worth it.

There and then, I decided to buy a basketball and learn to bounce, dribble, shoot and score. Didn’t matter how old I was.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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