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My Theme for the year 2018: INTENTIONAL!!!!!
About my Happiness, Work, Family, Hustle, Savings, Love, Giving and everything in general. It was a rule I intended to follow and did I do so? I think I did and I’m happy I followed through.

January started with a blow, I got a phone call, “Tolu, have you heard?” I’m like, “heard what? Chivaneze is dead!” Who? Stop joking, Nwoke Oma isn’t…
And then I started calling random people. Apparently my brother in law (he was more of Inzaghi’s brother than mine. My Delta men, proud and tall… always representing) was gone!
I remember crying so much and then I fell ill, how did this happen? When? Where? His death brought many of us together, Chi was a bridge that connected so many souls. At his funeral, I lost it and had to leave the burial ground. My year started on a sad note and I remember singing Nathaniel Bassey’s “You are God”.

You are God from beginning to the end
There’s no place for argument
You are God all by yourself
You are God from beginning to the end
There’s no place for argument
You are God all by yourself

You’ve got times and seasons in your hands
You called for light out of darkness
You don’t need a man to be the God you are
But you have chosen to call me your own

Rume and I held each other and cried while singing, indeed God was just preparing me for the things to come.

February to May was just there. I was waiting on God for the manifestation of His Word concerning me but while I waited I soaked my self in work. I run the EGB Foundation and we’re the bedrock for Widows, the downtrodden, special kids and the sick. In between these months, I and my team were at The Island Maternity Hospital in Lagos to sort bills and give out diapers. We also hosted 60 widows and single mothers during Easter which was the #EasterRiceGiveaway. 60 bags of rice and seasoning were given to these women.

If there’s anything 2018 brought my way, it’s good people. I will never stop saying, “It’s not just Twitter”. I have come across so many people who have been a blessing, who have given me their shoulders to lean on. The months ahead proved this and more.
I had asked for a birthday gift on my birthday, May 30th! I wanted a car, my car was due for a change and I had a few automobiles in mind (I’m crazy about cars but like they say ground no level at all and as I like big things I just kept on dreaming).

In July, God showed me a sign! A sign that greatness was in the air, that was the month I learnt “Times and Seasons”.
Every man/woman has a time to shine and flourish, you cannot rush Jehovah! He is an accurate timekeeper, never late!
I began to flourish in my hustles, my daughter was excelling, my husband was doing well in his endeavours too and so we were at peace and joyful.

August 19th, another phone call. “Tolu, your Uncle just passed”. I come from a very large family, so here’s me wondering, WHO? Not again! Apparently it was my dad’s immediate younger brother, this blow was FATAL! It sent me straight to the migraine department and sent my father into depression and a heart ailment. My Papi will weep like a baby, he became absent minded, he lost over 20kg, and was in and out of the hospital. I had never been so frightened. There were days I’ll come on Twitter and beg people to pray for him because I couldn’t pray. I managed to attend the funeral and one day I drove myself to the hospital and the doctor said you have a high fever, if you hadn’t come here today maybe the case will have been different.

In my mind, I’m wondering what is going on? So I was on admission for 6days, while my dad was in and out of General hospital. On the 5th day in the hospital; I got the inspiration for a new hustle, I threw my energy into planning and brainstorming. That was a way of distracting myself from the lemons life threw at me and mine. I got discharged and I started asking theĀ  Specialists in charge of my dad’s health if he could go to the US or Jand. They assured me that he’ll be fine as long as he took his medications, in between this I had started the new hustle and it was flourishing. I had also gotten a few contracts for supplies and I remember singing Tim Godfrey’s Nara E’kele because yes! When He heals, He heals completely! 2 weeks later the Heavens heard my song and my frail father was given a clean bill of health, it was the greatest miracle of 2018!!!!

As if that was not enough, one of the cars I was eyeing, hubs just asked out of the blue if I liked it, and BOOOOM! I had a new baby. I’m yet to name her. All this happened early November, the devil threw a few balls a few weeks later but see! “Who can battle with the Lord? NOBODY”.

Two things I’m extremely grateful for are, the online family I belong to.. It’s a tribe!!!! And then I saved this year (Lmaooooooooooo) this made me so happy.
So as 2018 ends in a few days, the EGB Foundation is giving 80 families bags of rice and seasoning and then I can really say.
“He’s done so much for me, I cannot tell it all, Nara E’kele Mo”.

Toluwalope Moore.

Toluwalope Moore

Toluwalope Moore, fondly known as Iyalaje Cotonou. An Entrepreneur and the Convener of The Experience God's Blessing Foundation (EGB) A wife and a mother.

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  • Morenikeji says:

    The post is very familiar! Because I witnessed half of all that happened to you this but your strength is what amazed me. Even with everything you were going through, you still stood by me and hundreds of others.

    2019 has a lot of great things on stock for you
    God bless you abundantly.

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