More than Alabaster, I am the Fragrance

I am Blossom.
I am the fragrance.
My smile captures my essence.

“If your name was not Blossom, I will still call you Blossom.” This simple but constantly well received remark from my colleague Paya, completely captures the legacy that I set out to embrace and communicate in the build up to my year 2018. It was a year filled with truly beautiful experiences and remarkably painful moments that made me celebrate and yet made me cry, uncontrollably.

My daddy passed away and I am yet to fully come to terms with his departure. I am super glad to have called him my daddy and to forever call him my daddy. I remember with fondness how he always took me to far flung areas in the course of his work as a Lay Preacher and how he lighted up with joy as he introduced me to read the Igbo Bible to the congregation.

I was the perfect daddy’s girl. I absolutely enjoyed the privilege that came with being the only daughter. I could discuss any and everything with my daddy. I remember an occasion were a lecturer made sexual advances at me in school and I immediately reported to him; he quickly drove to the school and told the lecturer off in very stern terms and off course, I was left alone and my grades never suffered. He was my one in a million hero. I loved him so much and I will always love him.

His very last words to me on the morning of Wednesday, October 3, 2018 were thank you, after his meal. I will forever remain thankful to my daddy for how he shaped me to become the very best. I vow to forever walk in the path of greatness that he embraced.

Although my daddy is no more, I am fully persuaded that the responsibility of embracing my best self is now upon me as never before. I have always known that I carry the capacity of the alabaster in me but beyond that, I am now the fragrance. The sweet aroma that all will seek to have in their cute bottles of alabaster. I have held myself back from fully expressing myself and I will not any longer.

I once read a statement from my dear friend Karo that shook the foundations of my self doubt which sought to admonish folks to give themselves permission for a big life. It further communicated that all should stop living small and embrace the reality of being meant for big things. Karo, authored this in the privacy of his thoughts and the impact has been phenomenal as I aim to go public with the decision.

I am thankful for the opportunity to reaffirm my strong conviction that I am made for more. Grateful to aim for more and excited at the possibilities. More than alabaster, I am the fragrance.

Blossom Ozurumba

Blossom is writer, compère, poet, creative soul, energy research fellow and an Igbo language and culture enthusiast. She has a day job at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation where she provides technical advisory on media and strategic communication to the Honorable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources.

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