MIDNIGHT: Thank You 2015

Well done, man. Job well done.

Haven’t seen an arc so smooth in the longest time. Your design was a flawless ‘U’ and that’s nothing but amazing. Or how else can I describe you ushering me in on a high, sinking me to the lowest low and then booting me out on a higher high than I started with? You’re too dope.

I should have seen the signs from the very beginning, but how could I? I’m no seer. But starting out the year by getting robbed should have been an indication of how the year would roll out and how you were about to sweep the rug out from under me. But I couldn’t have known. I just couldn’t.

Things would go downhill from there, with you dealing me one blow after the other. Of course, there were many bright and shiny moments as I went along, like that February trip to Ibadan with my amazing Yellow Mitsubishi fam. And… And… *taps brain*

Wait, that’s weird. *juggles memory*

Wow. It couldn’t have been that bad, could it? How can I not recall any more of the beautiful from the first half of the year? Only the darkness?

Going through the recruitment process with the telecommunications company which ended with that curt rejection. The first in my entire career (not like I’ve applied for jobs that many times though).

The horrible appraisal at my bank job. The one I decided would be my last there. If I needed any signs that my time there was up, that was the clear and ominous writing on the wall.

The writing that just wouldn’t work. Clearly, I had a block that was firmly lodged and wouldn’t budge, no matter how hard I kicked at it or for how much ink I tried to lubricate it with.

Worse, the creativity that I seemed to no longer be able to tap into. Hadn’t drawn, made, designed or created anything I could call my own in months. Months that have now become a year. Eek.

The beautiful but turbulent relationship ending. The same one I so joyously declared had taken off a year ago on here.

By the end of May, you’d left me a near-emotional wreck. It’s amazing I didn’t sink into a deep, dark depressed. Just trudged through the drudgery that was my life at that point, taking each hit like a champ, wearing my brave face… Haha. My brave face. Open book that I am, everyone knew what I was going through just by looking upon my horribly clean-shaven face. They made me shave my face, how would it not have been obvious? Lol. I wore that ‘brave’ face and kept moving, waiting for the light at the end of your tunnel to beckon upon me.

And it did.

In June, that pin prick of light showed up and the rays of hope I was showered with offered such soothing refreshing that my entire demeanor changed. So much that folk looked upon my still clean-shaven face and knew that something good had come.

It all started with that conditional offer letter.

It meant everything was going to change. Everything I’d ever known. All I was used to. The people I interacted daily with. The objectives I was trying to achieve.


It took a while, but the final offer letter eventually came. After a flurry of activities and a hoarding of secrets and whispers in corridors and under desks. It came. And it brought with it that massive change I desperately needed.

New life. New city. New job. New fam. New home. New friends.

New amazing friends you ushered into my life. And I get to keep the old too. Silver and gold. All so valuable.

Thank you for the journey. It’s brought me a mighty long way. It was unplanned and took me unawares, but it didn’t meet me unprepared. I’m still adjusting into the new fit. Still settling into the road. Still eager to see where it takes me.

Thank you, 2015.


Hello 2016

It’s the first day of the fourth edition of the 30 Days of Hope project and this time, I’m going first.

I’ve never gone first.


Go here to read Day 1 and subscribe to catch all the hopeful people document their goals, aspirations and dreams for 2016.

If you’d like to participate and or learn what the 30 Days of Hope project is about, go here. There are still several slots (read opportunities) open and waiting for you to grab them.

If you reviewed your 2015 here on Stories.ng, you’re guaranteed a slot any day you like.

You’re welcome.



*walks onto the stage from the right* I have often called Olatox my brother from another mother. I’m yet to understand our connection but when I do I’ll tell you all about it. Thank you so much for bringing down the curtain on this amazing journey Toks. May your way be lighted for eternity.

There you have it peoples. The 2015 Guest Blog Review is officially complete. I’ve gone through 5 cycles and post for post this is the most intense I’ve ever journeyed on. Special thanks to our 70 contributors, our editors, Okaima, Eddie, Amanda and Naaki and of course to you, our esteemed readers and commenters (I call you the family of encouragement and the great cloud of witnesses). 

Stories will have a giveaway announcement soon as well as another rather special announcement or series of announcements coming up very soon so do look out for those! I love you all. Thank you.

*exits stage left*



Just a dude with a mean, wide creative streak made up of many, many strokes looking to express himself as diversely as possible.


  • Tobi says:

    This is a beautiful way to end the review!!!
    Gosh I loved this journey… I can’t fully explain the different waves of emotions I felt. ..
    Thanks Uncle Efe and the elders (insert editors) for this platform!!!
    Looking forward to an awesome year!! And even when it gets unsteady and a bit crazy, I hope we all cone back with something worthwhile…

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Lizzieebunoluwa says:

    Tobi, its not fair that you took ALL the words right from my mouth. Hian! What will somborry now say?

    Oh well, I guess “Thank you” never sounded more apt.
    So, thank you Uncle Efe, the contributors and the Stories gang. Ola, your gift never ceases to leave behind awe-inspiring feelings. Thank you for sharing. 2016 crowns your present reality with increased goodness.

    Honored member of the cloud of witnesses.

  • Cee says:

    Thank you Olatoxic for sharing. I’m glad your year ended on a good note. ?
    This is indeed a wonderful end to the 2015 Review series. Kudos to you Efe and the rest of your team. You’re all amazing.
    May 2016 be kind to us all! ☺

  • Clarion says:

    Thanks for the amazing journey so far. God bless you Efe and all the members of the stories.ng team.
    PS: the pounded yam and egusi offer is still on, lol. 😉

  • Motunrayo says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for giving me (us) the opportunity to share. May 2016 be filled with testimonies. God bless you.

  • Temitoria says:

    Journey… Great Review. My eyes just opened to another side of the world…

  • A says:

    Welcome back stories! But this white background though….makes it look so bright.

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