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I entered 2015 on a high note, you know. I had just graduated from medical school, I had just got married to the love of my life, just got back from my honeymoon *wink*. I was generally in a good place.

Well before the end of January, I discovered I was pregnant again. Like ugh, when I was just beginning to enjoy this marriage of a thing, I swallowed cockroach as my mum put it.

And it began, wave after wave of nausea, weakness, mood swings. I really envy those people who bounce through pregnancy without any symptoms.

In February, I got a house job placement *insert happy ‎dance*. I’m sure the doctors will understand, knowing how difficult it is to get a job.

My husband and I were still settling in with this newlywed thing only that he had become my nurse, my doctor, my cook. He was waking up everyday to the sound of my wretching loudly in the toilet‎. Certainly not our idea of how to spend the 1st year of marriage.

In April, my dad got his much desired and highly deserved promotion, I was excited for him, the man works too hard and he definitely deserved it.

May was my birthday…. yayyyy!!!! Low key, family and a few friends, you know,

Then the following day, I was on admission for 10 days for threatened abortion, the doctor had become the patient. The irony was that I was doing my ObGyn posting at the time, so the pregnant doctor had become the pregnant patient.

After this I resumed work with flourish and lots of energy. Well as much energy as I could muster.

My boo had his passing out parade in July, he was done!! And he had to get a real job.

The days rolled into weeks and into months, then at 2:21 pm on September 17, 2015‎ Motunrayo Anabel Odewole was born. She weighed 3 kilos and she was beautiful, perfect in every way just like her older sister.

The Husband landed a government job as a medical officer, thank God for job provision and shout out to all the men working 2-3 jobs just to support their families.

Resumed work in November, heavily determined not to get pregnant. Lol. Well that has been working nicely so far. My husband and Momo, had their birthday, Papa and daughter, same day, same face. It still puzzles me. Then Motunrayo’s dedication came. November was a great month.

The year was winding up nicely, in its own way despite the state of the nation.

My friends and I were planning to spice up our boring hospital routines and go for music meets runway show.

Husband was planning to go for calabar carnival, ‎while I was to be on call throughout Christmas weekend, then we’d cross over into the new year together.

That was the plan.

December 20
Our wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful night. Fell in love again, he’s a really special man.

December 22
The day of Music Meets Runway was finally here. I had arranged for my mum to babysit, I had made up to the nines, chosen my outfit -plaid, shirt, white shorts and high top sneakers, with my newly made hair. Husband was so proud, as per wife looking like marketable baby geh.

All I had to do was buy some diapers, drop them off at my parents’ at ikoyi‎ and head to Eko hotels and suites.

I told Aghogho to park so I could make my purchase, got down from the car and started walking briskly to the store ignoring the cat calls because my shorts were short and I’m a bit thick. Lol.

Anyway, I was walking down the streets of Lagos state when I suddenly felt this sharp pain run through my left leg, felt my legs give way and heard my leg snap all at the same time.

People gathered.

People wondered.

I wondered also.

They offered to help me reset the leg that it was just a dislocation. I said no one should touch me. I just needed to call my husband.

Eventually got through to him, he came by. I was just in pain, stunned ‎and in a state of disbelief.

First hospital said it was probably a ligament tear, they should take me to LASUTH to do an x-ray.

My husband had to carry me a lot, it’s not called ‘igbeyawo‘ for nothing.

X-ray revealed….. *insert drumroll * a tibia condylar fracture.

All I did was walk, no fall, no trip, at least I think so. I guess I’ll never know.

Life as I knew it changed, just 9 days to the end of the year.

2 days later, I was wheeled into theatre, while my husband, parents and father-in-law waited for me.

I had to depend on someone for everything, to bath, to defecate, to pee, to sit out of bed, to lie back down. I was depressed, disillusioned, I haven’t seen my daughters since that tuesday ‎morning. The pain was horrible.

My husband Odunayo Odewole once again, became my pillar of strength, my cook, nurse, even doctor, he became my leg.

My parents, sigh…. words can’t describe, my mum cleaned her tears and assumed position, my dad was just a father in a million.

My in laws, superb.

My friends- wonderful.

Now as the pain is subsiding and I’m healing on this bed, I realise the really important things in life, God, family, health, peace, love.

I’ll be out of here soon and I’m going home alive to a family that loves me, for that, I’m extremely grateful.

I am on the other side of the divide, as a patient. It’ll forever change the way I practice medicine and how I treat my patients.

Here’s to 2016, I refuse to worry, because God has got it all in control‎, I’ll always have a garment of praise, it’s going to be all about serving God and giving Him my best in every facet of life.

Happy New Year everyone.


This was scary to read. I’m particularly glad your year was so blessed in balance. Really hope you get to see your lovely girls ASAP as well. God hasten your healing process please. Amen.

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