Merry Christmas: Shade

2014 My year of ‘Baba God Na me be this?’

This year started on a very good note. Jobs came in, finances progressed, my kid got into final year of Junior secondary school, responsibilities and bills increased. God pass devil.

I had so many dreams last year, a lot of them didn’t come through, but I grew and I learnt.

I learnt that there is power in positive confession.

I learnt again that no matter what your plans are, If God hasn’t said yes, just look for one corner and sit with chilled zobo and crackers. BUT WHEN HE IS READY FOR YOU?! *speaks in tongues and dances in circles shaking the tambourine*

March was my birth month. The lover had a surprise dinner for me, a few close friends and family members. too beautiful. Then I was sitting and waiting for ‘that moment’…..

Them slice cake…nothing….

Them gimme ice cream, I searched inside it carefully….still nothing….

Dinner come end. Na when bobo talk good night, naim my eye clear. Mshheeewwww…..Look at this man

*side eye*

Family number increased by 3 this year, a niece, a nephew and a cousin.

We had a death scare. Grandma had a diabetic attack (or whatever they call it). But she’s fine now. Back in Edo state pounding yam as usual. God be praised.

I had joyful moments and sad moments. But in those down times, when I cried and wondered why things weren’t working as i wanted, one sentence kept coming to my mind ‘God will take care of me’ and take care of me He did. I haven’t been the most faithful Christian. I wont say my relationship with God was better this year than it was last year, but you see ehn, God is God no matter who you choose to be.

I constantly pray not to take His Grace for granted.

This year I grew all round. Business, Emotions, Maturity (even though I still get small crase), body size (I gave my self brain and lost the weight back *Phew*) and MY HAIR – That one thing that has been stagnant for almost a year started growing two months ago.

Lastly, I have an awesome boyfriend: my business partner, account officer, BFF, brother and lover. Very annoying somebody but awesome none the less. We are not where there yet, not where we planned to be, I hope 2015 will be better. I LOVE YOU DEE…..ALWAYS.

Here’s to a bigger 2015 for everyone. God’s unending favour, blessings, long life, perfect health and answered prayers.

2015 Our year of ‘2014 dey learn’.

Merry Christmas.



Merry Christmas Shade. I know this year was not easy for you but you have such a positive attitude we cannot but be infected by it. Thank you Shade!

Merry Christmas everyone. When Christ comes into your life, he gives you joy, peace, a sense of purpose, and the capacity to truly love. He puts you back together, lifts you when you fall and walks beside you even when you think he’s not there. I pray that today if you haven’t let him in (he won’t force a relationship with you) that you take a solid moment to speak to him right now. 

Yes. It’s that urgent.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


  • Chibogu says:

    Lool “If God hasn’t said yes, just look for one corner and sit with chilled zobo and crackers” happy to read. Cheers to a better 2015!

  • tiana says:

    ROFLMAO @ the searching for ring part. Thank God for all round growth..especially the body size part. Small small..we shall be the same size again. Either you add up or I PRAY! I didn’t get to do a review this year because I wasn’t on twitter alot and Uncle Efe didnt even send a reminder *side eye*…but you are one of the people who made my 2014 ride better. So Thank You! Here’s to Big Big achievements in 2015 l’oruko Jesu. This year dry learn indeed.

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