Meet the Story Tellers

Good morning Story Tellers!


So quite a number of people have asked to know the team behind Stories dot ng. We have enjoyed being semi anonymous up till now, but it is true: we cannot be dating you, our esteemed readers and contributors, without you knowing who is dating you.

Back track just a little bit. What is Stories dot ng? Why was this blog started? How does it work? Who writes here and who decides what goes up? Why did I subscribe to this blog in the first place? How did I get here?!

Stick around for the month of August and hopefully, some of your many questions will be answered in the Meet The Story Tellers interview series starting today.

Starting today, at exactly 12 noon, we will invite Okaima into the Red Room of pain Stories hot seat.

You haven’t seen interviews like this before.

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I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.

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