Master of the Game

Bolouere (@boluxxxx) is back with another of her Nollywood hit scripts for our reading pleasure and discussion. Enjoy


I let out a sigh of relief when I heard my maid chatter gleefully after she let my best friend in, “Welcome aunty, my madam is seated at the balcony” I had been drinking and had various thoughts swirling around in my head. I watched her walk through my tastefully furnished, arabian-themed lounge to meet me in the balcony. She looked really lovely. “Deinma, you look really beautiful” I told her as she got on the balcony. Yeah I never had a problem telling her that even though I was much prettier. She ignored my compliment and her face gave away her alarm as she saw how washed up I looked and made to hug me tightly. “You aren’t ok darling. What’s the problem? Where’s your hubby? What’s going on?” I burst into tears and tried hard not to choke as I spoke. “That’s why I called you, Femi is cheating on me”. “Oh dear God”, she exclaimed as she took me back into her arms as I sobbed uncontrollably. Who better to call than a best friend in times like this? She was playing her role well, she always did.

Deinma Jaja. We had met while in university and clicked because we had similar interests and were also the coolest and arguably smartest in our class. We did a lot of things together even though we were competing most of the time. At a point, our rivalry put a strain on our relationship. People always tried to compare us and that never helped either. I was laid back, she was the bossy one. I was also the friendlier one and that usually gave me an edge whenever we were put put up against each other in the court of public opinion. I had just won the class award for “the most admired girl” in class over her for the third time running when we had a spat over a minor loan issue. “All this flattery is getting to your head abi”? She blurted out as we exchanged words. “Better don’t try acting like you are ‘ all that’ around me cos I will put you in check!”  “You are just being stupidly jealous as usual” I retorted as I stormed out angrily, going further not to speak to her for three weeks. We made up when she gave me a book which became my favourite: “48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene’. We hugged and continued being friends. Somehow we always found a way to always work out all our issues even if we were still constantly trying to outdo each other. I clearly valued our friendship and my coping mechanism was to always let her play boss in order to avoid spats.

Three years after graduating, we were both married, led beautiful lives and were still best friends. She had her fair share of life’s issues. She had not heard from her husband in 10 months at that moment. He had just got up, packed his bags for a business trip and had never returned. He hadn’t contacted her and she had no clue where he was or if he was dead or alive. I mean, she wasn’t having it easy and I was doing all I could as a friend to stay supportive of her as she hoped, prayed and expected him to return. At that time, she had been in distress and I had been the comforter.

I was jolted back from my wandering thoughts as her voice came through, asking me about my marriage breakdown. “Are you sure? When did you find out? How long has this been going on for? What are you going to do about it?” Wasn’t it weird how we had switched places? The advice she’d struggled to take from me then now flowed seamlessly from her lips. I answered all her questions. I told her I didn’t know what to do. I was travelling to the Bahamas for three weeks in two days, I hoped to clear my head out and make decisions after I returned. She stayed with me for a while, cheered me up and gave soothing advice. I managed to smile as she screamed “Be strong sexy mama” as she got into her car and drove off while I watched. What a good friend she was.

I still had these thoughts dancing around my head as I walked through my lounge to the bar and poured myself another glass of Scotch. I downed half of the glass then walked over to my bookshelf situated at the adjacent end of the room. I shifted a couple of books aside to reveal a mobile phone I almost never used. I didn’t have to wait for long before the light blinked as an indicator that a call was coming in. Were human beings so predictable? Even down to the exact timing of their actions? I smiled as I held the phone to my ear expectantly and listened as Deinma spoke “Hey Femi, she said she’s gonna be in the Bahamas for three weeks, we gonna have such a fantastic time”. I ended the call. I had heard enough.

I had bugged Deinma’s line and listened to her calls a month after I found out she had been sleeping with my husband. This was three months before her husband went incommunicado. Was I hurt? Initially, yes. Right now? Hell no! I grinned happily.  I had some packing to do. I was meeting a fine gentleman in the Bahamas. Pablo, Pablo Jaja. Yes, Deinma’s husband. I made him leave her for me after I found out she was sleeping with my husband. Did I mention I was prettier and brilliant? He clearly loved the combo as he had always been attracted to me. I giggled as I replaced the cellphone in the bookshelf. My eyes fell on a book I loved so much. “The 48 laws of power” given to me by my own Deinma. I smiled as I recited the first law; NEVER OUTSHINE THE MASTER. Yea he’s called the master for a reason, he’s got better GAME. If only she had read that book for herself. Little wonder I was always a step ahead of her.
Do two wrongs make a right? If they went hand in hand, maybe?


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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