Let’s Talk About

Let’s talk about

how the man in the tattered garb

isn’t the only one

with screws missing.

A thousand hugs

for all the worlds of pain

behind that beautiful smile.

Say hello to the voice(s)

I hope they’re nice tonight.


Let’s talk about

how you’re the 1

in a crowd of hundreds,

others are just zeros,

you know they’re there but

you still don’t feel warm.

The cold comfort of darkness

that clogs your mind

makes you want to claw out your brains.


Let’s address how

you’re a warrior worrier,

mood like a chameleon’s skin.

Insides hollow, hung out and dry,

But they do not recognise depression,

can’t fathom insanity to be anything

but the enemies handwork.

I am sending the sun your way tonight,

I hope it finds home.


Faltering poet. Digital marketer and your average laughter merchant.


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