Last Call 2017: Tara

So I stopped writing New Year’s resolutions a while ago cause it just started to seem daft. Abi they say man proposes but God disposes or something like that so I kinda learned to become a go-with-the-flow type of person and thank God for that. 2017 threw me some curve balls I never expected making me so grateful I’ve adapted to taking life as it comes and not being so phased when things don’t go how I hoped.

I planned to maybe finally do NYSC so my parents can stop talking about it once and for all (and yeah I still didn’t do it cause meh), planned to hopefully put out my long awaited EP/ album or at least make some major moves where my music is concerned and I think I tried my best there. Also hoped that this would be the year I finally get a grip where my love life is concerned. Not sure that has happened but we managed to achieve some growth there as well so all praises to God.

2017 has been the year of taking risks, learning more about life and becoming more comfortable with who I am, flaws and all. In hindsight it was a pretty epic year and one I will probably never forget.

Career moves:

Being an independent neo-soul/ RnB artiste in Nigeria has been quite the struggle (lol understatement much) but this year things really looked up for me. Asides from putting out a few songs that were pretty well received, I met a lot of cool artists I admire, got to perform on some dope stages and randomly ended up on The Voice Nigeria lol. Till today that one still blows my mind cause as at two days before the auditions, I didn’t even know the show was coming up again and I definitely had no intentions of going to audition thanks to a brutal MTN Project Fame audition a few years ago where the judge barely let me sing up to 30 seconds before dismissing me and I’d been waiting for hours before going in SMH. Anyway my sister and I (we are a duo) were encouraged by our mum and a few friends to audition so we did and about a month later we find ourselves on the show in SA with so many other talented singers. We left in the Battle rounds but we managed to leave an impression during our short stay cause all these months later, people still come up to me/ us asking “excuse me, were you the twins on The Voice? OMG I love you guys!” which always leaves me shook lol. So although I made basically NO MONEY this year and my account balance depresses me at times, I’m ending the year feeling like my dreams are valid and I just need to keep pushing and that feels pretty good!

Personal life:

This one eh, it was somehow. So many ups and downs but it’s safe to say it all led to my growth as a person. As I said earlier I became more comfortable with who I am this year. I accepted that I am not perfect and I’m not going to be liked by everyone. I used to be such a people-pleaser but now I’m solely focused on pleasing God and doing things that make me happy and if anyone in my life gets offended by anything I say or do in the process, I do my best to make amends but I cannot come and kill myself okay? Cheers and God bless.

Sickness did not want to free me and my family this year but all glory to God, we overcame each and every time it came. I’ll always remember this year because my dad had a freaking heart attack but he did it like a G and after a month in the hospital, he is back home with us and recovering well.

I made some new friends, kept my relationships with my true and old friends going and got to know which ones I can stop calling friends (oh so grateful for the last one cause surrounding yourself with people who don’t have your back the way you think they do can be quite the disaster). I also finally realized and accepted that I’m tired of unserious young men and I’m ready for a real relationship that will end in marriage. Anything short of that, I’m not doing- carry your wahala and be going thanks.

I think that covers all I’m willing to share about this year. Not sure whether I’m supposed to end this post with some inspirational message to those who bothered to read it but just in case that’s the expectation, this is what I’ve got: there is nothing wrong with being a dreamer as long as you’re actively seeking out ways to make those dreams come true, and trust in and follow God cause no one will ever hold you down the way He can.

Compliments of the season and wishing everyone a wonderful 2018!

Tara Obiago

Beautiful. Recording and performing artiste. One half of Tara and Bella.

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