Keep Calm And Blossom As You Take 2017

The Year End Guest Review Series powered by Stories.NG is always an exciting way to wrap up a fantastic year and usher yourself into a phenomenal one. In 2015, I debuted for the series with my 10 Fabulous Reasons to be Thankful for Year 2015. It was largely focused on cementing a culture of gratitude and all through year 2016, this became an attitude and a lifestyle. This week marks the grand opening of year 2017 and I am here to encourage you to keep calm and Blossom as you take 2017 like a boss.

Year 2016 was a uniquely superb one for me. From building an amazing relationship with my children to finally settling into a job that I will love to do even when I don’t get paid to travelling to Japan and surviving my first ever earthquake, it was totally exciting. I will definitely not be able to review the year completely as such I can only keep calm, share the truly remarkable few and stay on the path of gratitude for all the joy and peace.

The call:

She called me and it was the start of something exciting, refreshing and adventure filled. Ms. O in no joking terms called and said, “Blossom, come upstairs immediately for an interview.” There was no need to think up any excuse as this was the call I had been waiting for. Suffice to say that the interview was conducted, the boss was super impressed and a whole new career path opened up right in front of me. I took the liberty to edit my bio at the bottom of this post to reflect the new career focus.

The endless adjournments:

The judiciary in Nigeria is a huge comedy space and I say this without holding back. I have had a divorce case that has been on snail speed since 2015 and as I type, it has still not found closure. The oasis right in the middle is that I have since moved on with thankfulness, forgiveness and joy while ensuring that the final outcome and verdict will in no way affect my resolve to keep calm and Blossom.

Daniel is all suited up:

My son is almost a confirmed teenager and by some stroke of luck we had a conversation about folks that are addressed the way the dress and my son agreed to reduce his inclination towards, jeans, t-shirts and high tops. He is now so comfortable embracing a seeming fashionable lifestyle. This excites me endlessly as it is now a regular programming to see his all dressed up in a suit, tie, superb shirts and matching socks.

I had my first birthday party as an adult:

For some unexplainable reason, I have not considered it in my heart to throw a birthday party. On the 26th of December, 2016, I turned 35 and the thought to hold a praise party came quite strongly on me. It was one of the best decisions I made in the last year. My Pastor, Pertru Okebugwu was on hand to deliver the most remarkable message I have ever heard which revolved around evaluated and weighted experiences. The extremely talented Gospel DJ Ernesty showed up and the roofs of Signature Restaurant and Spa, Abuja, almost blew away. It was a fun filled evening of praising God, dancing more than King David and stuffing up calories from Cake, Ugba, Nkwobi, Isi Ewu and Ofada Rice.

Activity: I uploaded all photos from my 35th birthday bash. I also took time to tag and caption each amazing individual that joined me to celebrate. You should click to enjoy the photo memories.

Building Your Own Brand: A Common Sense Approach:

I am finally penning down some thoughts for a published offering after several years of procrastinating. There is this line of thought that advocates that if you want to be considered an expert in a particular field, you should start by writing a book. I agree and I am working towards this. My book ‘Building Your Own Brand: A Common Sense Approach’ will be available in the second quarter of 2017. You can sign up for my newsletter at any of the posts on to be informed of availability and purchase options.

Rent-To-Own Housing Options:

I have always wondered how folks living in Abuja are able to cope with making down-payments for houses and paying annually till conclusion before they take possession of their property while still paying their house rent. That is a kind of double entrée and I am certain it is not an easy call. Thankfully, I discovered a rent-to-own housing option that I keyed into which will ultimately see me make single payments for a period of time.

Sisterhood and Friendship:

In the last year, God blessed me with three amazing friendships and I remain truly thankful. Thanks you Gina, Meg and Noelle for showing me the true meaning of friendship, what it means to pray for one another and share our burdens and challenges. You are the super three and I love you with all my heart.

We Can All Keep Calm and Blossom:

As we take this 2017, always remember that the best resolution is simply to be happy and you can easily enter that happy space when you embrace a heart of gratitude. You owe it to you to be the happiest person on earth. That is my recommendation. You can keep calm and Blossom as you take 2017 if and only if you are happy. Go soar! Stay happy! Expand and increase on all sides!


Good to see you again Blossom! Love the name. Have an amazing 2017. Much love.

Blossom Ozurumba

Blossom is writer, compère, poet, creative soul, energy research fellow and an Igbo language and culture enthusiast. She has a day job at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation where she provides technical advisory on media and strategic communication to the Honorable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources.


  • Danjuma Amodu says:

    Bravo. The Lord is your strength. Looking forward to your book which from your contents here and other social media space, I know and strongly believe will add value to whoever is opportuned to have it… The world awaits you…

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