2018 has been a pretty good and interesting year so far. I didn’t actually think so till I decided to write this story which made me consciously think about all that transpired. I learnt about a lot of things but most especially, myself.

I completed my NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) in October and I’m glad I’ve gotten this over with. I also turned 24.

For 2018, I had only 2 goals written down and I achieved them, sort of.

I had casually tweeted about some random goals but I’ll need to check what I was on when I did that.

Here we go.


I wrote down only 2 goals which were, travel to 3 countries and register a company to structure my projects. Registering the company was no problem, so goal achieved. I also visited Rwanda and Senegal. To make it 3, I decided to quickly take a ride round Abidjan and visit a friend during an 8-hour layover. That counts right? So, goal achieved.

I didn’t need to write some down but it was important to me that I was always learning. I enrolled in some online programs this year and also completed my Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program (January). The Udacity program was a scholarship I won from Ire Aderinokun.


Working at CoLab, an innovation and tech hub, was amazing and this year had me doing a whole lot across different areas and actually deciding on a lot of stuff. At some point, I was left to run the office for 3 months and it was at this period I learnt most of what I did this year.

Being community manager at CoLab was my full-time job but I also was engaged in other activities. I joined the SheLeadsAfrica SheMeansBusiness program as a trainer though yet to have any session, spoke at various workshops, the meetups at CoLab and CoLab for Women sessions.

Work-wise, 2018 had me picking up a whole lot of skills, learning so much about myself and becoming more confident. Becoming confident was very important for me, as the fact I was often the youngest or the only woman in a number of meetings can be unsettling. Also, moving from law to tech had me feeling like a scam.

My work involved me doing so many things that I’m often confused as to what exactly I do.

Currently, I’m focused on a project that is due in January while occasionally freelancing. When I’m able to create time, I’m handling everything here at KnowKaduna but mostly the social media side.


I have a sister I love so much and would do almost anything for. “Almost” because as she becomes older and less cute her grip on me reduces. Our relationship is great and I love it.

My relationship with my mother really improved towards the second half of the year. We actually have conversations like peers and she’s no more trying to impose on me but actually respects my choices and decisions. I like it.

My brothers are barely ever around but we are often in touch via the “Siblings Group Chat”. 😄

My father is still unhappy with my decision not to go to law school. He asked about it again recently. I suspect his friend’s kid probably graduated from Law School. Asides that, we talk occasionally and he’s really supportive.

All my close friends are based in other cities but I’m glad I became good friends with someone here in Kaduna.


I didn’t really have any plans for 2018 but fortunately I’m surviving. Much thanks to non-existent house rent and low cost of living in Kaduna. I’m being more deliberate moving forward.


I’ve been pretty healthy. Asides occasionally getting tested, the only thing that required me going to the hospital was a work accident.

My mental health was very poor and I signed up for counselling. My sister was the only thing that kept me going. There’s been significant progress overall.


I still haven’t hacked this yet. I’ve been single for a while now though I have really nice men in my life. I think I have to learn to love myself first before I can give it out to anyone.


  • You don’t have to do it alone. Learn to ask for help.
  • Relationships are important
  • Life is still meaningless


None that I can think of. I’m sure there are a bunch but it probably is not that serious since I can’t remember.


At the end of 2018, I feel completely exhausted. Mentally and physically exhausted. I will take some time out but not sure when. Thanks to the NYSC, my faith in this country diminished greatly.N

2019 will be interesting. It’ll be a focus on my health and wellbeing. It has sort of started. I see myself making a lot of mistakes but mostly learning more about my person. I plan to get a place for myself but you see, when you’re used to a certain lifestyle, that becomes the base line and it is not something my pocket advices.

Only thing I can commit to is, helping more women as I meet them.

Joy Ajuluchukwu

"I'm still trying to figure things out."

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