Screams coupled with laughter escaped from the house at the corner of the street. In an individualistic society, no one dared go in to see if it was real. Cars drove by, children rode their bicycles; deaf to the horror that was looming.

The scream grew louder; taking over the laughter like darkness thrives to take over light.

The laughter was from Jack’s vocal chords. He sat in his living room, legs on the coffee table; laughing like a man who had inhaled a huge dose of laughing gas. His friend, Chris stared with a poker face, while his other buddy Mike screamed like a banshee as they all watched the chainsaw drill from the coffin into her face.

“Stop being a sissy” Chris finally told Mike off.

“He drove the chainsaw into her face! He just killed her!” Mike said in a panicky voice. Jack turned to Mike with a cold stare.

“And your fate will be similar to hers if you don’t shut the hell up.” then, he turned back to the TV and like someone pressed play, he resumed his laughter while Mike began screaming again.

“Come on man, check your balls. It’s just a movie” Chris said, tired of Mike’s screams.

“Every fiction is born out of reality. For all we know, this actually happened” Mike replied.

But Jack no longer paid mind to his friends. His attention was back on the massacre he was filling his mind with.


Mike jumped off the couch with the loud sound- fear crawling on his skin.

“What was that?” he asked.  Chris stood and began to move towards the window to see the root of the noise but Mike pulled him back jaggedly.

“Are you crazy? It could be a killer.” Mike said.

“You two need to dial it down.” Jack told his friends without turning away from the TV.

“Did you not hear it?” Chris asked with worry.

“ I did. The tree behind the house fell.” Chris stared at Jack skeptically. Jack could feel the stare. “You can check if you don’t believe me” he added.

Chris shook Mike off him and went look out the window then he turned to Jack.

“How did you know?”

“I just know” Jack snapped at Chris before asking “Can I watch this film in peace now?”


The next evening, after what seemed like an endless argument over what to do with the tree, the three guys finally reached a consensus; Jack would rent a chain saw since he had a car, Chris; the trust fund kid would pay and Mike would do the cutting of the tree into smaller pieces.

Jack drove into the yard at exactly 6:15 pm, got out of the car, took the chainsaw from the car trunk and handed it over to Mike with an eerie smile.

“You have four hours. A minute later; you know what happens. Happy cutting” Jack said then began to walk away.

Don’t leave.

Jack stopped for a second, he knew that voice. The devil’s messenger was back.  He decided to ignore and began heading into the house again.

I said don’t leave.

“You don’t tell me what to do” Jack spat. Mike stared at his friend for a confused second, wondering who he was talking to.

Jack stood on the grave to get a sight of daddy.

“Shut up” Jack yelled in anger.

“Are you okay” Mike asked, moving closer to his friend and touching his shoulder. Jack shrugged his hands off.

“Sorry.” Mike said, heading back to the chainsaw. Jack turned and watched Mike pull the lever to start the engine. It coughed a little and stopped. He tried again but the result was the same. “Hey Jack, can you help with this?” Mike asked.

“A snow ball’s chance in hell” Jack replied without moving.

Remember the movie?

“Yea” Jack  nodded.

“You changed your mind?” Mike asked with hope in his voice.

“No. I am not… GET OUT OF MY HEAD.” Jack screamed, making the vein on his forehead visible.

“Are you okay?” Mike asked again; his concern growing faster than weeds on a neglected tomb. Jack ignored his friend and turned to go into the house.

How would you love to make a movie of your own?

 The hair on Jack’s skin rose as he responded.

“I don’t want to be in any sick movie”

Mike who had turned back to the chainsaw looked up again at the sound of Jack’s voice. Jack’s erratic behavior was beginning to spook him. He left the chain saw and moved towards his friend.

“You are making me worry. Should I call your mum?” he asked.

Help him.

“I don’t want to.”

You have to help him to be in the movie…. help him…

Jack banged his hands on his head. Hoping the voice would go quiet.

Help him. Help him.

It didn’t.

Mike who was now really worried took out his phone and started to search for a number. Just as he was about to dial, Jack turned to him with a blank stare.

“Fine. Let’s go cut the tree”

“You don’t have to help if you don’t want to.” Mike said. Jack said nothing and headed straight to the chainsaw. He grabbed it off the ground.

“You hold the tree, I’ll do the cutting.”

“You don’t–”

“Hold the god damn tree Mike; I need this bastard out of my head.” Jack screamed right before he revved up the engine. Mike quickly held the other end of the tree while Jack drove the chain saw into the lumber.

This is boring. You wanna do something fun?

Jack groaned almost at the point of tears. He shook his head in disbelief, even the revving of the  chainsaw couldn’t drown Norman’s voice.

“Not with you” jack replied.

Mike watched as his friends lips moved as he cut the tree, he was without a doubt that his friend had gone mad. He was definitely going to call his mother once they were done with the tree.

Come on Jack, don’t be an ass. Put the chain saw to his neck.

Jack was going to refuse, but his curiosity began to peak and finally it got the best part of him. Once he was done cutting the next Lumber, He moved the chain saw towards Mike.

Mike looked up for a second but before he could speak, the chainsaw was already cutting through his neck. Blood began to splatter all over Jack’s face as he helped Mike’s head leave its neck.

He smiled slightly as Mike’s head dismembered from his neck. And without a nudge from the devil’s messenger, he moved the Chainsaw to Mike’s arms and legs. Cutting each one off like a skilled carpenter. The excitement that took over him was far more intense than what he felt whenever he peeled cloths off a girl.

Finally, there was nothing left of Mike to saw off; Jack turned off the machine, the smile wiping off his bloody face.

He stuck his tongue out and had the first taste of his friend’s blood. The metallic tang made him shiver.

“That was short lived” he whispered to no one in particular.

“It’s just beginning friend. We need to clean up if you want to keep having fun.


Seyi is female. An intense writer and passionate dancer. I am the chief adviser of the insane world because I don't know how to mind my business.

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