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Yes, I’m sure Efe had given up on me. I’ve asked, gotten, confirmed and re-confirmed my spot a couple of hunderd times.

So, finally, I catch up on two days worth of blogging and it suddenly hits me! Today is the 22nd! Actually the 23rd in a bit! The time is 11:57pm and I have just finished a few previously unfinished tasks.
Tasks that I left undone because I was invited by a very gorgeous, ‘powered’ female to her office end of year dinner, after which we hit the cinema and then….. Ahem! No romance.

Back to why we are here.

Permit me to say it’s been my best year yet!
I have visited about 15 states of the Nigerian federation (and counting) on the bill of some interesting clients. I had a fantstic stint (aside the cold) outside the shores of the fatherland on the bill of some interesting organisations that wanted to hear what I had to say.

On the 1st of  January, 2011, I never would have imagined these events. The visa took 3days. The invitation came literally out of the blues. My luggage was embarassingly light. An airport official couldnt hide his curiousity, “You mean you came all the way from La-gos with only that?”. Well, bros, na u sabi.

I have come to a place of respect in my industry and family and I have learned a whole lot. Still miles of learning to go.
I made partner. I started projects. My family, friends and business assosiates pushed me to my very top rev and once I struck the pace, after a little ‘chicken-ness’, I feel in love with the pace. Deep love.

God has been super kind even at the fact that I’m still one of his ‘worst’ sons. Yes, I know. Cast the first stone, O, Ye Saint! I kicked all but one vice this year. I’m glad. Progress is what that is called. Let me mention that one of the ‘kicked’ vices almost wrecked me in far-away Uyo. My thanks go to the angel, in the form of a hotel bell-boy, whom the Lord sent to my rescue.

Interesting sums have moved through my account. No, they ain’t there no more. Off! They are. To go do important stuff instead of sitting around earning paltry interests. Three enterprises up and running, fourth coming up! I hired and fired. I religiously paid my tithes and ‘sowed seed’ as much as I could. It’s worked for me so far. Why change a winning team? Onward.

I made a friend and through her took on 6 “clients”. And that was the birth of my BBM periodicals on relationships. Now I have an active ‘followership’ of over 45. No, I dont do broadcasts. I’m always glad to take out time to treat some relationship issue or the other on chat or over the phone.
Organised a very successful reunion of my old drama group earlier in the year. Glad to see everyone’s doing good.

There was plenty of pain. Pains of growth, pains of gain. Signs I was pushing outside my comfort zone. Signs I was reaching for the things people would have said “Guy! You wan kill yasef?” about.
Then a good girl got married to a complete jerk and now she wants out. And there I was in plain sight and she chooses him! It hurt like a bullet to the sternum.
A fantastic friend tested positive to HIV.
I missed all my friends’ and relatives’ weddings this year. I was always on one trip or the other. (ok, to be frank this one no too pain me. I believe weddings are a bloody waste of everyone’s time.) But my apologies, all the same.

I have made great new friends and picked up twitter again. I’m writing again!

Let 2012 roll in, lets break some records, Deo Volente!
I shall ask from Him, the same things I asked for 2011: Wisdom, Health and Prosperity.

Sorry, I wont drink to that. I kicked booze. :-))


How about Chi Exotic juice then? We gats drink something. 😀  Follow Greg on twitter. @deTONEate

Regular programming resumes at noon. Don’t miss Amy then.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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