I Was There @ Timi’s Wedding

I met @Greyverse (Timi) for the first time in reality in 2010. Before then we were good friends on facebook.  Through the later months of 2011 Timi graduated from the class of being just a facebook friend to a friend and then to a brother. I was rounding up a course at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and so was he. He’d visit me and my friends in our small room, we’d share Akara, fried plantain, fried yam and potatoes. We’d argue about everything from music to sports to social issues to Religion, mostly centering on the Christian Religion. If you have a quick conservation with Timi any day two people will always Pop up: God and Uche.

Enter Uche…

Timi met Uche one evening at Choir practice in 2006, she wore a hat that he’d never forget, at least he says so. Timi is the kind of guy who meets girls in church Choir. Uche is the kind of girl you’d meet in the choir. Soft voice, great heart and sweet personality. This is the much I know about Uche.

Now back to 2011 – Timi added an extra activity to his routine – Gym and fitness. We’d go to the gym most evenings; while he did his thing, I would stand beside him and we’d talk random stuff. He had a way of making every story with Uche.

We both left Nsukka, I went my way and he did same. We talked sometimes, phone calls and via chat. Life happened so fast and we became busy and somehow forgot each other (or so it seemed).

Fast forward to 2013, I logged into my facebook and guess who got engaged? UCHE! And who was she engaged to? Isn’t that Timi? OH YES! I was overjoyed! I called Timi immediately to congratulate him. “Timi you’re a great man! I wish you the very best…” I said, then crazy jokes followed, jokes that I can’t share here. I hung up with my heart glowing. I was happy for Timi because I knew how much he loved Uche and vice versa and no other person would fit Uche but him. Timi confessed to me months later how he spent his entire savings on the ring he proposed to Uche with; he was so broke he had to borrow transport back home from her. But that didn’t matter to any of them both.

Timi 1

I was on my bed one evening late last year and Timi texts me, “We’ve fixed the date for traditional marriage and wedding, you are invited!” and like play, like play the dream became a reality. I wasn’t there was the traditional marriage but from the photos and stories, I missed a great event.

Timi 6

Timi 5


I was to make up for my miss though. On the 21st of March, 2015 I was seated in a well decorated hall at Nondon Hotels Enugu and it was real, Uche got Married to Timi. It was a very smooth event. There was live music, good food and good people, from family to friends to well-wishers. There was an atmosphere of joy and calmness. While I was tearing down my plate, the MC introduced the bridesmaids and next the groom’s men. They danced into the hall with the liveliest song from the band, the band was fire. In my very own opinion, nothing beats live music. Nothing!

Eating and nodded to the music, the MC made the announcement that set the hall on fire “and now, let’s welcome the newest couple in town…” It was an uproar, like a stadium experience and the celebrities stepped in. It was a battle of the dancers. Timi was giving us the freshest Shoki, Uche in returned served us freshly baked Skelewu, garnished with Azonto but that was just the beginning.

Timi 2


A few people took the Mic to say who Timi and Uche were to them. One of the speakers, a lady, talked about how Uche was the savior sent by God to her to shape her life. The bouquet wasn’t thrown, instead a blind fold game was played by the groom’s men and the bride’s maid. It was an interesting twist.

Timi 9

The dance floor was declared open by Timi and Uche, first with “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion (Covered by the live band). At this very moment coincidentally, I had dust in my eye, I was wiping it, along with tears as Timi and Uche slow danced and shared kisses.

The mush got a bit intense, so we had to stop them and allow things go the Nigerian way, heated songs upon heated songs, dance upon dance upon dance…

Timi 7


I didn’t need anyone to tell me that Timi took extra dance classes for his wedding and it was totally worth it. Sitting on my seat, all I could say to myself was this: Dreams do come true…

To Timi my brother and Uche, Timi’s sweetheart. Big congratulations. May God bless your Union.

Timi 4


Makuochi sent this in as a sequel to Timi’s hugely popular love post earlier here. LINK

I hope you enjoyed the observer point of view as much as I did.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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