I Miss You (Part 7)

What does it mean when a girl says she misses someone? Enjoy


Hey little baby, It would seem I was you again
Smiling up at the world anew
This wonderful place in so far as you knew
Eyes wide and bright
Taking it all in, cooing in delight

Hey little child, I’m told you used to giggle so
While building houses made of Lego
Piece by colourful piece, just like your brilliant soul
Then smashing them and starting over
Remaking and reshaping them like the world was doing to you, to me

Hey young lady, I want to say I’m sorry
That I wasn’t all there, that I didn’t just care
That I did the most stupid things out of fear
The fear of being left out, being alone
Forgetting only I could be the one
Only I could sing your song, my song

I shaped myself in an alien mould
I shaved, whittled, filtered myself away
I thought I still had forever and a day
To make up for it all
But the sands of time did fall
Now here I stand, those years forever gone
With the sinking realization of just what it is I have done

Here I stand way past the Rubicon
And yes, I now see I have lost not won
I have lost the chance to be you, to be me
I forgot who you were, you wonderful creature
I forgot myself measure by measure
And now I look at the pieces I have left
Like the spare stuff after a grand theft
I have robbed myself of you, of me
And now all I can say is I miss you, I miss me.



I thoroughly enjoyed this for some reason. Do you think you lost your soul somewhere along the way to gaining the whole world?


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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