I Miss You (Part 4)

When a girl says she misses someone, what does she mean? Enjoy


Dear Diary, I can’t believe this is happening, mummy and daddy have been fighting for days now and today mummy packed her bags and left us. I’m hiding under the bed, I’ve been crying for hours. Please bring back the days when mummy and daddy were happy together, the days when they used to cuddle me together. I don’t want to live without mummy, I don’t want to live without daddy either. I miss the love that once loved me.

Dear Diary, Mummy never came back, daddy’s doing the cooking and I have to help. I don’t know how to wash clothes mummy used to do that. My baby brother keeps asking me when mummy will be back, I don’t know what to tell him. Daddy doesn’t smile anymore, I miss daddy’s smile, I miss mummy’s cooking.

Dear Diary, I’m in boarding school now, my baby brother has moved in with my mummy, daddy’s all alone. I promise I’ll bring mummy and daddy back together again, I promise I’ll be a good girl so everything will be good again. I promise, I promise… I miss home, I miss my mummy, I miss my daddy, I miss our family

Dear Diary, It’s been 10 years now, mummy still isn’t back, I live with her now and so does my brother. I miss daddy, he always looks so sad when he comes to visit. I’m trying to bring them back together and nothing has changed but I won’t give up. I miss my life, when I lived with mummy and daddy

Dear Diary, I have failed, mummy is gone now to a place where no one can bring her back. Now they will never be back together, I live with daddy again. I cook and my baby brother cleans. And now I miss my childhood, when mummy loved daddy and daddy loved mummy and they both loved me.




I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


  • aramaanda says:

    *sighs* always sad to see the damage divorce does to the kids…problem is there’s no way to tell the damage staying together can also cause 🙁

  • Jk_McDazzles says:

    I like the quickness and sharpness of this write up. It’s fast paced yet imaginative enough. Saying so little yet meaning so much..

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