“I am flawed if I am not free…”

“I am flawed if I am not free…”

Stumbled on this quote a few years ago and it’s kind of, sort of been the one quote ruling my life.

2018 has been a whirlwind roller coaster type year! Highs and lows and some steady uneventful moments. The highs were crazy high and the lows were – yup! You got that right, low!!

I also feel like this year has flown by. One minute I’m celebrating a new year and now here we are. Me – rambling somewhat to a bunch of strangers about my life.


Happiness, freedom and mental health

I got to be me this year. I also feel like I found myself again. I allowed myself put me first a lot more this year and it was amazing. I spent a lot of time by myself.

On the flip side, I had more days when I didn’t want to get out of bed and I did just that. Laying in bed, overwhelmed with feelings and emotions.

I finally openly talked about my mental health with my partner and it’s been amazing. This whole work life/mum life/home life balance thing can get really stressful sometimes.


One of my goals for this year was to learn to swim and the joy I feel knowing I finally did it is amazing. I’ve never felt more at peace just being in water, alone with my thoughts and just being closed off from the world around me.


This year has been the best year for me career wise. It’s like all of a sudden, I was visible. From no where, awards after awards started dropping into my life. As of this moment, I’ve been shortlisted for another amazing award in my industry and I get to find out in February if I’m a winner.

I’ve never been one to think I’m doing anything other than my job so getting recognised for something that’s second nature to me felt weird. I remember my manager saying to me “Amina, you need to boast about your achievements more – it’s a fucking big deal’.


Funmi. Amanda. Mo. Bimbo. Mercy.

You guys have made me realise friends are truly family. Counting down to Prague 2019.


Here’s to 2019 – hopefully I’ll be healthier mentally and I’ll take time out to live in moments cos this life is really just one.

Amina Odukoya

Amina, imperfect human on a personal journey to rediscovering herself.

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