Humble beginnings

Seriously. I never had the discipline to write a blog. Too much commitment. I’ve read so many I could pass for an editor who never wrote. But then it’s just right that I experience the criticisms of my thought and expression processes. Yep. Finally time to submit myself to be judged.

I don’t feel weird being naked. At first I used to be. Then I realized just how many people in the closet needed that first someone to put up a hand to be counted. (By closet I don’t mean, you know, that other closet). Since then yes, what I’m thinking is pretty much out there. And I wish I could be less blunt. But in the long run, you end up being loved  for saying it as it is. Just like I love my mum so much now, despite being on the receiving end of her harsh tongue so many times. (See, first window into me in my first post.)

I will write from a weird perspective at times. Let go of my creative powers. For recreation. For catharsis. For selfish self-expression. At other times, my only aim will be to make readers laugh. Then maybe at the odd time, I might actually say something of eternal value by telling the truth.

Welcome to the highland. Enjoy the blue skies. Drink in the clear air. Look around for miles in the distance. Make yourself at home.







I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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