He Da One (K’s trials)

So on Fridays, Stories will be going to the dark side a little more regularly. Seyi has volunteered to be our guide down this corridor every Friday. Enjoy.


She dug into the sand, deeper … deeper… beads of sweat dancing on her beautiful face, falling to the sand.  The excitement of what lay down below washed away every form of fatigue that attempted to rear its head.

She dug deeper until she found it, the lifeless body of her last victim which she had preserved with embalming fluids for the past six months. The embalming mixture hadn’t been easy to come by but that was a memory she would relive some other time. In that moment, there was only one thing on her mind, soaking in the pleasure of seeing him again, laid in the ground, lifeless, looking as beautiful as the rising sun. What she loved most about him was his smile. He had possessed a smile that could melt hearts like butter on a hot pan.

This was going to be her last visit. She was getting married, to her love, that final love. A visit to Ken after marriage would be cheating. She didn’t cheat; that would be hypocrisy.

She stroked his pale skin, running her hands through the thread she sewed him up with after she had used her Santoku knife to draw a straight line from his neck to his groin. The pleasure she had experienced that day was etched in her memory; unforgettable.  It had been a messy job but a pleasurable one nonetheless. The memory of his blood taking over her face hopped through her mind and she chuckled; reliving that day was euphoric.

* * *

She was going to hurt him; she knew from the moment she laid eyes on him at the bar. The way he walked around, his ego filling the room, choking the life out of her. She couldn’t decide if she admired him or if he was just an acquired taste. One thing she was sure of; she had to have him, in every way and any way.

She was going to stare at him for precisely 120 seconds before she walked up to him. Kate had the reputation of making men turn their brains off but that night, she was interested in only one brain and that was Ken’s.

As eligible bachelors and shameless husbands approached her, she sent them off with the words like

“I’m here with someone” and a gentle smile.

There were the persistent ones who wanted to know who she was there with and why such a beautiful lady was left alone.

“He went to the bathroom” she told them countless times.

“I can keep you company till he gets back” a pot-bellied man had said while he leaned against her.

I can keep you in a grave, pig.

“I’m fine. Thanks.” she replied just as Ken made his way back into the bar from the bathroom.

From the other end of the room where she stood, she had glanced at him enough times for him to notice her. At precisely 120 seconds, she walked towards his direction, and then brushed past him as she swayed her hips to the bathroom. In that exact moment, she caught his attention and by the time she made a re-appearance, she wasn’t the only one stealing the suggestive glances. Every normal guy would have walked up to her at this point but Ken was the exception of the rule.

She really wanted Ken and she knew if she was going to get this bull, she’d have to take it by the horns. She stood from her seat and walked slowly towards him again. His back was now turned to her, acting like he didn’t know she was coming for him. When she got to where he stood, she squeezed his butt with a little too much familiarity. He turned, surprised by her bravery; his brown eyes were what she loved the most. She was going to store it by her bed side and look at it every night.

“Wanna dance?” she asked him.

“What do you think?” he responded, his hoarse voice coming out of his full lips. Lips she imagined would kiss her in different places soon.

“Yea. You are gonna think you are pretty cool and every woman’s dream right until your throat gets slit in one swift movement.” She responded. He chuckled.

“I like the gory girls” he whispered in her ear then said “Do you wanna get out of here?”


Back at her apartment, he was all over her. He kissed her lips, the nape of her neck, bit her ear lobe tenderly. It wasn’t long before she began to moan. He rubbed his hands delicately on her skin with such fluidity; she had no doubt he was a skilled handy man. With his body pressed hard against hers, he put his hands on the zip of her dress and pulled it down in one swift move. Just as he was about to pull the sleeves off her shoulder, she stopped him and looked him straight in the eyes

“Promise you’ll call.”

“I couldn’t forget your perfect body even if I tried.” He replied.  Kate smiled.

His lips are moving; he lies

            “I know” Kate whispered as she began to help him unbuckle his belt.

“What did you say?’ he asked

“I WANT YOU SO BAD” Kate whispered, biting her lower lip seductively

“You are driving me crazy, woman,” he said. She pushed him on the couch, pulled down his blue boxers. She sat over him, and guided him into her. As she felt him fill her up, she moaned in satisfaction and began to ride him. He began to moan too, first softly then it grew stronger. She leaned in, kissed him passionately then reached for her throw pillow. She opened the zip.

“I’m cuming” he began to whisper

“Wait for me baby” she told him as she pulled out an ice pick from the throw pillow. “What’s the last thing you wanna see right before your eyes are gouged out?” she asked him. His eyes widened at the question; not in fear but in amusement.

“Yours baby. Yours, all day.” He replied breathlessly. Kate nodded, then raised her hands high and with one swift movement, plunged the ice pick into his left eye. He began to scream, helping Kate feel the pleasure. Her body began to jerk as she reached the ultimate high. He made to push her off just as she twisted the pick in his left eye, hoping the blood vessels in his right souvenir one would be as pronounced as she had hoped. She took out the pick and stabbed him in the eye again, and again, and again till she felt him go still.  Then she stopped.

Kate stood straight, a fulfilled smile spreading across her face.


“I know. I should have tied him up.”

Next one, maybe.

Kate nodded.  “The next one.”


Seyi is female. An intense writer and passionate dancer. I am the chief adviser of the insane world because I don't know how to mind my business.


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